MobileNavigator Europe has just been updated to version 1.1.0


Saturday, July 25, 2009
Important update for Navigon MobileNavigator Europe GPS app
Important update for Navigon MobileNavigator Europe GPS app

Brussels // R.Bollen // 25/07/2009 Navigon AG has just been released their turn-by-turn GPS app last month and now they have already an update! They promissed us FREE updates and they delivered. I am now upgrading this on the iPhone via WIFI and it takes a long time, because it is a massive 1.4GB app.

Better don’t do this over 3G, especially if your contract is limited and you pay big bucks for every extra MB downloaded. Could result in some nasty phone bill. This week we published this review about Navigon MobileNavigator.

I am just in the process of reviewing Sygic Mobile Maps Europe, and I am curious how this update compares now. Well I will post that review next week.

So what has been updated and what is new in version 1.1.0? According to the Apps Store update page the following:

iPhone apps

- Additional languages (UI and voice guidance): Portugese, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Croatian, Romanian, Slovakian, Greek and Russian.
- NAVIGON’s route planning function known from the companies PND line that enables users to plan a route with several destinations.
- Radar (not for all countries
- Additional map view options (now displays street names in 3D view, optional point of interst (POI) display)
- Call POI function (call the number of a point of interest or save it to your contacts).
- POI filter (allows you to manage the POIs shown on the map)
- Optimized volume control when using the NAVIGON navigation and the integrated iPod function of the iPhone at the same time.

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