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Friday, February 05, 2010
iPhone-HD unveiled in the latest SDK
iPhone-HD unveiled in the latest SDK

I was reading an interesting news article from pocketgames this morning, where they unveiled hints in the code to a new device called the N89, which includes video codec for 720p.

720p means basically that the resolution is 720 pixels vertical by 1280 pixels horizontal with progressive scan. It has a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9.

If the new iPhone should ship this summer in HD it will not be the first gadget to have this. Let’s take a look at the devices in the market that support already some kind of 720p HD playback and or recording.

Zune HD

The Microsoft Zune HD player already ships since last year September in HD format, okay it’s a media player and not a smart-phone yet, but anyway it has set a new standard for the industry to pursue. It has a 3.3 inch display with 480 x 272 pix, and capable of video outputting in High Def in 720p.

Nexus One

Last month Google launched their overhyped Android phone, the Nexus One. The Google phone ships with the Snapdragon processor platform, its silicon core, called the Scorpion, is capable of decoding High Def video at 720p resolution too.

Omnia HD

Samsung’s smart-phone flagship is the i8910 aka Omnia HD. This phone is capable of recording video in 720p with a build-in 8 MegaPixel camera. It sports an 3.7 inch AMOLED screen.

HTC Touch HD

This Windows Mobile powered smart-phone is also know under the name HTC T828X. It has a big display of 3.8 inch. I couldn’t find a reference to the 720p capabilities however.

LG Apollo

Okay, this one is rumored for end of this year, powered by Windows Mobile 7, 720p HD video and is suppose to get a WXGA 1280x720 display.

HTC Obsession

Also this smart-phone is rumored to have an 3.7 inch AMOLED display and a 5MP camera with a 720p HD video feature.

Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is starting in a few days in Spain, Barcelona. It runs from 15 till February 18 and showcases 1300 companies, which in some kind of way are doing mobility. Let’s see what more HD capable mobile devices will be unveiled or announced there. Definitively setting the new standards for the iPhone to adapt. Once HD has become standard on the iPhone, the question remains, what about the iPad?

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