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Wednesday, September 12, 2012
iPhone 5 drama unfolding in a few hours - Coverage sites listed
iPhone 5 drama unfolding in a few hours - Coverage sites listed

Are you ready for the iPhone 5 keynote coverage in a few hours? I am. Everybody has asked me this week if I will buy the new iPhone or not. I have been thinking about this for a while now and at first I decided to wait and see, because the new connector breaks with my Mini Cooper integration. I need to replace the connector cable in the car and the armrest needs an upgrade when it is available. On the other hand I know myself and after seeing the keynote I will stand in line in a few days/weeks later.

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I also keep telling myself, well most probably Steve Jobs has still worked on the development and design of this iPhone 5 so I awe it to him to buy it or some kind of mind logic? Do you recognise this?

Where can you follow the live coverage online? And when?

The event is set for today at 10 a.m. PT in San Francisco, or noon CST, and 1 p.m. ET.



Time magazine


Anyway most likely almost all features and designs have already been leaked and published in the last couple of months but that doesn’t mean that the keynote will be dull, I will just follow it and let Apple tell me the story so I can feel happy and confident to line-up again very soon.

PS I love the WWDC event intro done by Siri


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