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Thursday, September 10, 2015
iPhone 6S (Plus) prices increase between 5 and 16 percent
iPhone 6S (Plus) prices increase between 5 and 16 percent

The iPhone 6S received a nice overhaul, and like I’ve blogged about before, this model is bringing a lot of new features to the table which were long overdue. Pre-iPhone 6 users, will get a really nice upgrade value bang for the buck with the new camera system and 3D Touch.

That being said the new iPhone flagships also take again a bigger bite out of the (family) budget. We have compared the prices of 4 European countries where it’s available for preorder the 12th of September, and we also compared the US prices.

In the table you can see that the price increase for the iPhone 6S in Germany is between 5.7% and 6.7% for the 16-128 MB models. For the bigger screen ‘6S Plus’ even more; 6.3% - 7%.

In the land of the ‘pain et du vin’ the higher-end 6S models have a bit lower increase and opposite increase for the 6S Plus.

I expect the same prices for Holland and Belgium later this year.

For the United Kingdom’s birds and blokes who fancy new 3D Touch Apple phones, the increase is steady over the lines to 14.6%.

The former Cowboys and Indians have the biggest increase to swallow, around 15.6%. But they also have the fancy Apple loan—pay per month and switch every year to the new model formula—which I guess will become very popular.

Apple will become a very large credit bank too this way.

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