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Thursday, March 22, 2018
iReport Fire - reports fires detected by the NASA satellites and users of the app
iReport Fire - reports fires detected by the NASA satellites and users of the app

iReport fire is like the rain radar apps and sites where you can see when it is going to rain but then for (wild) fires. The app get fed every hour with fresh data from the MODIS satellite and displays them on the iOS map via visual fires icons. When you tap on those fires you can see when it has been detected and the probability it is a real fire and not something else like a field of blinking solar panels to name something.

The MODIS satellite has a delay however of 3 hours before the fire is spotted and converted to available data. For this reason did the developer add the option for users to report fires via the app directly so other users can see them as well, this is the fasted reporting method if enough people start using it.

The European Drought Observatory delivers the data for the maps that show the regions with their specific drought rating, which is explained when you tap on the colored tree icons.

In the latest release there is also a wind forecast tool, where you can see what the wind speed and direction will be in the coming period of choice.

The app is free and supports many regions in the world which are plagued with wild fires. Also it has been translated in many languages.

With the global warming of the earth, these wild fires occur more often then before and it is really something to consider and watch out for when you live in these regions or when you are travelling to them. In those hazardous times, make sure that you check the app before going on the road (as well as other local news sources).

Please spread the word, the more users that will use it the safer the world can become.

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