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Friday, January 04, 2013
Latest Navigon Europe 2.3 has pesky blank screen bug
Latest Navigon Europe 2.3 has pesky blank screen bug

Hi readers, first off happy New Year to all of you and sorry for the news interrupt of 14 days, but fear not, we are dedicated for a full new year with lots of cool iPhone articles and only the coolest news articles daily exclusively for you. We will do more app testing this year and will likely test some more accessories as well, so stay tuned!

During the winter holidays I did an extensive test with Navigon Europe 2.3. I made plus or minus five thousand kilometres with it to the south of Europe and back. It is the first time that I have tested the iPhone 5 with Navigon for so such a long trip as opposed to the weekly short trips in my own country.

During the test I ran two times in an evil bug in which the navigation screen turned black.

The bug orrurs after using the app for many hours in a row, like more than 5 or 6 hours. When the navigation screen turns blank, the overlay images (to go back to the menu and so) remain visible. Also the voice navigation continues like normal but it does not show the road to follow. It happend the second time on the Boulevard Periferique in Paris, where you have to change lanes every minute or so.

I must say that I have the 3D maps in-app purchase installed as well, so it is not clear that the bug is coming from the 3D render engine or not. But it stays a big perky bug because during the driving I cannot touch the screen to reset my destination. I could not make a screenshot because I was driving of course.

I will contact Navigon with this information and until this is solved, my advise is to keep your hands off the product! When I have more info I will make an article update.

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