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Friday, May 06, 2011
Mind the traffic when driving abroad!
Mind the traffic when driving abroad!

When planning a holiday by car, please keep it in mind that some traffic rules may be different in foreign countries! This is not as easy as it sounds - it’s a regulatory jungle out there! Some of these rules are logical, others might make you laugh, and there will be some that simply make you shake your head. Luckily, with the iGO primo navigation app on your iPhone, you’ll be prepared for whatever local lawmakers have come up with!

igo primoigo primo

The speed limit is usually a tricky question as it varies greatly from country to country. For instance, Germany and India have no general speed limit on highways – just hit the road! But drivers in the following countries will have their patience tested: If your headed to one of the hotels in Singapore or Norway, beware, they have a mere 90 km/h limit on highways, and 80 km/h is the max allowed in Colombia. On the small roads inside Vatican City stick to a speedy 30 km/h!

Be careful with drinking as well: although most countries allow a minimum level of alcohol in the driver’s blood – up to 0.08% in Ireland and Mexico – others like Romania and Brazil have zero tolerance; and a single glass of beer could cost you your driving license, or even jail in the United Arab Emirates. Ouch!

igo primoigo primo

Visiting certain countries by car might also mean stocking up on extra equipment, such as visibility vests, spare light bulbs, or as in Turkey, Poland and Greece, a fire extinguisher. The smart navigation software iGO primo app provides you with all this information, both before you start your trip and when you cross the country border. The new TTS Pro feature even reads the country summary out to you when entering a new country.

In some locations, however, it’s down to common sense (and humor) to stay within the traffic rules. Make sure you are properly dressed in Alabama because you may get fined if you drive barefoot. And wear a t-shirt in Thailand for the same reason. Women in California shouldn’t wear a house robe behind the wheel, and you’re not allowed to change your clothes in the car in Sag Harbor, NY.

Enjoy your ride with iGO primo app on your iPhone; always keep a smile on your face and be safe with this reliable and knowledgeable turn-by-turn app - available in iTunes for over 70 countries!

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