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Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Navigon 1.2 North America submitted to Apple - what about Sygic TomTom and iGO?
Navigon 1.2 North America submitted to Apple - what about Sygic TomTom and iGO?

Brussels // iPhonetunes // Aug 25 2009.

Navigon posted the following tweet on Sunday: We’ve submitted update 1.2 North America to Apple, and it will be available as soon as they approve it.

After comparing so many features in Navigon, TomTom, Sygic and iGO, and soon reviewing CoPilot, we are eager to learn about the new features. What is included in version 1.2? Let’s take a closer look at these features and see where the competition stands.


Text-to-Speech (TTS) sounds revolutionary for a GPS app. It is the technology that reads out text of map data. Instead of just say “Turn left in 200 meters”, it says “Turn left on Oosterdok Street after 200 meters”.

It’s intention is to navigate safer in the cities, you do not have to look for hidden street name signs that are hard to read (ever tried in the rain?).

This has been already included in normal Personal Navigation Assistant (PND) GPS devices for quite some time, hack it even sits in my old 100 Euro Nokia PND.
Navigon uses the technology of SVOX for this to provide it in several languages.

So of course we welcome this feature on the iPhone.

iPhone car integration

The competition: None of the competitors have it already included in their current release. What about the next updates?

Sygic Mobile Maps 2009, has posted the upgrades for next release on the iTunes store but TTS is not in the list yet.

TomTom, is very silent about the new release so we do not know it yet.

iGO My way, has already published their future updates, TTS is not in the next update but in the pipeline at least.

CoPilot, is showing the next new features on iTunes but no word of TTS there.

iPod Control

Seamless integration of the iPod controls is a desired feature to have. When you want to control your music from the iPhone iPod app while driving, it better is well integrated so no accidents happen along the way. Tap the iPod symbol on the map, to select Playlists, Albums and Titles. You can repeat songs, or use shuffle. One more touch takes you back to navigation mode.

iPhone car integrationiPhone car integration

The smoothly muting of the music while announcing maneuvers, is already very well implemented in the current 1.1.0 release of Navigon MobileNavigator.

None of the competitors have the iPod integration already included in their current release. So again, what does the competition has up it’s sleeves?

Sygic Mobile Maps 2009, is not mentioning it in their update list at the moment. The current iPod integration is done better than TomTom (see below) at the moment. When you are listening to your iPod there is a clear Voice Over telling you where to go.

TomTom, same remark like before, no news. The current iPod integration is like this, you hear your music, it pauses abruptly to tell you your way and starts the music again. No dimming, or Voice Over.

iGO My way, is mentioning “Controlling music playback” on their update page, so Yes. If it will be done as smooth as on the screenshot of Navigon is the big question here? Their current iPod support is the same as Sygic. It has a Voice Over the playing music.

CoPilot, is showing the next new features on iTunes but no word of iPod Control there.

Location Sharing

What is that and who needs it? According to Navigon, it ensures entertainment at the destination. Wow that is a bold statement.

When you select an address or Point of Interest, like a restaurant, the location details can be emailed to somebody. When this person also has Navigon MobileNavigator and clicks the link, it will guide him or her via the fasted route to you. In short, exchanging positions and destinations easy and conveniently.

iPhone car integration

Again no competitor has this function yet. And what about the competitor’s updates?

Sygic Mobile Maps 2009, you can navigate to contacts in your address book in the next release, but it is not the same feature.

TomTom, unknown. The address book navigation, is supported already in the current release, like Navigon but not this feature.

iGO My way, has also like Sygic, scheduled the address book for the next release, but Location sharing is not mentioned yet.

CoPilot, has already LiveLink™ location sharing and messaging in the current version: keep track of your CoPilot friends, live on-screen!

Automatic Day-Night

In the current version of Navigon MobileNavigator, you have to go to options>Night Mode>ON/OFF. This is manual action is not from the year 2009 anymore with all these build-in sensors in the iPhone. Good that they are listening to the critics and reading our reviews. In the next release, they guarantee optimal clarity of display at all times by changing the map colors depending of the time of the day.

iPhone car integration

The competition again.

Sygic Mobile Maps 2009, changes colours at day and night already in the current version of Mobile Maps 2009, with overrule function.

TomTom, also already knows how to program Apple’s sensors.

iGO My way, does it very good already and even has tunnel support. In tunnels it switches right away to night mode and furthermore all buildings disappear, large objects (such as surface waters or forests) and empty areas between roads become black.

CoPilot, has automatic day / night change.


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