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Thursday, September 10, 2009
Navigon 1.2 updates released in the App Store, start your download now
Navigon 1.2 updates released in the App Store, start your download now

Navigon AG, has released MobileNavigator version 1.2 in the App Store. What did they put in version 1.2?

• Text-to-Speech, finally it speaks out street names, could be funny living in Brussels where all streets have 2 names, some are in Dutch others in French spoken by the app. With the English voice selected it will get the funny ‘Allo Allo’ accent.

• iPod Control, enjoy Guns N Roses (at least that is what the devs at Navigon listen to) while navigating, do not forget to impress your friends with the new 3D page-up curl effect.

• Location Sharing, start encouraging your (girl)friends to also buy Navigon so you can date them anytime, it makes sure you arrive together in the same hotel. And doing this at night goes now even better, because of the new Day/Night view auto-switching.

iPhone Car IntegrationiPhone Car Integration

This will bring them a bunch of extra customers, because now they are the first to have iPod control.

Editions that are updated today;

MobileNavigator Australia
MobileNavigator D-A-CH
MobileNavigator BeNeLux
MobileNavigator Eastern Europe
MobileNavigator Nordics
MobileNavigator France
MobileNavigator North America

The editions of MobileNavigator Europe & Iberia for iPhone will follow soon.

Have fun and send us your screenshotst!

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