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Tuesday, February 09, 2010
NAVIGON Mobile Navigator goes Facebook - Twitter and Panorama View3D
NAVIGON Mobile Navigator goes Facebook - Twitter and Panorama View3D

NAVIGON just announced a new update to their iPhone GPS flagship application Mobile Navigator. Version 1.4.0 was already packed with new features and they are arriving to the point that one can question if there are still new functions to be imagined for a GPS application, so great already. The Live Traffic feature is the most useful fearture since Mobile Navigator’s launch, if you ask me. Today they are pushing the limits of the app even further by integrating social media giants Twitter and Facebook.

On the display side, you will have the In-App purchase option of Panorama View3D which makes TomTom look like a Commodore 64 application instantly.

iPhone app | NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 1.5

With NAVIGON MobileNavigator 1.5.0, users can communicate in real time. Thanks to the new Facebook and Twitter integration, they can let their friends and acquaintances know their current location, their destination and their planned time of arrival. They can also add a short message to the post. ‘Facebook and Twitter will now also accompany our uses on their car journey upon request. A few clicks are all it takes to share details of your destination with friends or easily let them know if you are running late. Then your attention stays on what’s important – the traffic,’ says Gerhard Mayr, Vice President of worldwide mobile phone business & new markets of NAVIGON.

Show off your personality with NAVIGON MyRoutes
The NAVIGON MyRoutes feature turns the iPhone into a personal route planner. Route calculations take the user’s personal driving style, the day of the week and the time of day into account. The feature then bases future route recommendations and arrival time calculations on the user’s personal driving style. NAVIGON MyRoutes recommends up to three routes for the driver to choose from but also recommends the best route for them – based on their previous driving behaviour. ‘With NAVIGON MyRoutes for our MobileNavigator, we are now integrating one of the most popular features available in our latest generation of PNDs into the NAVIGON iPhone app.

iPhone app | NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 1.5iPhone app | NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 1.5

The user receives an even more personalised route calculation that is tailored to their personal driving habits,’ says Gerhard Mayr. The latest update, 1.5.0, takes different user personalities into account, thanks to social media integration and NAVIGON MyRoutes. In addition to these features, functions such as Google Local Search and the option of entering geographic coordinates are also available for all. The NAVIGON software is also the only on-board navigation application to offer Reality ViewTM Pro, an integrated iPod control, a pedestrian navigation option and the Traffic Live feature in a single app.

More driving pleasure thanks to Panorama View3D
For even more comfort, update 1.5.0 can also be optionally enhanced with Panorama View3D. The display, based on the surroundings, improves orientation and gives the user a realistic overview of the landscape. iPhone users can buy Panorama View3D as an in-app purchase for 9.99 euros.

iPhone app | NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 1.5iPhone app | NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 1.5

Price-Promotion until end of February
From February 9th to 28th the current European Software-version of MobileNavigator is available for a promotion price of 74,99 euros (instead of 99,99 euros). During this time the price of the traffic service Traffic Live is also reduced from 24.99 euros to 14.99 euros.

MyRoute Promo

Macworld 2010 preview of 1.5.0

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