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Sunday, July 18, 2010
Navigon MobileNavigator 1.6 with Parking and Weather (plus video)
Navigon MobileNavigator 1.6 with Parking and Weather (plus video)

It’s already a quarter ago that Navigon updated their popular GPS application for the iPhone. I was excited with edition 1.5.0 to use the new Panorama View 3D display on my holiday trip to Nice (France), because the city is built in mountain area. To prepare my trip for the max, I got hold of the new iPhone 4, so my pictures and movies would look awesome too.

One day before leaving I installed some GPS apps and tested Navigon 1.5.0 on the brand new iPhone. To my disappointment I could only see the cursor and the POIs shown on the map, but not the actual map image. I reinstalled the app, downloaded again the Panorama View 3D, to no avail. I could switch back to normal 3D view though. That was a bummer, because I bought the Panorama View 3D especially for my holiday trip.

Now that I’m back home, I saw that there is an update available. I downloaded it at and I have already found some minor issues with it. I will come back to that later. Let’s first take a look at what is new in version 1.6.0 (Europe Build-197620100707114439)

Live Weather

Navigon has added some extra information for the destination screen. In the past, when selecting a destination, it showed the map area on which you could press the magnification glass to show the map in full screen. Now in version 1.6.0 it shows by default the weather, parking, petrol stations, and other POIs of the destination. You get three sub tabs now, map (like before), info (we just talked about) and more which has three more options: Send Destination, Route Profile and Save as Favorite.

iPhone apps | Navigon MobileNavigator 1.6.0iPhone apps | Navigon MobileNavigator 1.6.0

In the video below, the guy from Navigon tells that you can change what you want to see in the info tab, but I can’t find it in the options menu, anyone? Is there already a user manual for the iPhone?


While navigating and approaching your destination, you’ll see a blue P icon in the top left corner. When you press this it shows all the parking places in the area, once selecting one, you can set it as interim destination. I couldn’t make a screenshot of the interim destination screen (minor bug I would say), anyway I just wanted to show it to you.

iPhone apps | Navigon MobileNavigator 1.6.0iPhone apps | Navigon MobileNavigator 1.6.0

iOS4 support – Multitasking and FastAppSwitch

This is just the obvious update that is needed to keep compatible with the platform. FastAppSwitch is nice since you can get out of the app, do something else and jump back in to where you left it. Cool.


Next to the things mentioned above, Navigon also threw in the latest NAVTEQ map data. They also redefined the RealityView Pro, you know, the images you see when you arrive to a motorway junction.

The good and the bad

Navigon has also changed the way it shows it street names. This was one of our major gripes in the last reviews, the street names where almost unreadable because they where written in the street. I think in this version they have changed it the street names are clearly above the street with a little black arrow. Also there is a little white border around the black font, so it stays good readable.
When I simulate a route now with street names displayed active, the animation of the screen doesn’t go as smooth. Only in Panorama View 3D mode I have this, switching to 3D mode makes it smoother again. I will test it later on the road, to see if this behavior is similar.

I also had sometimes a freeze of the app when I selected the weather service. All in all I must say that the update is very good and a recommendation. If they upgrade also their Design Car Kit for iPhone 4 (and make it stonger, see my review), I am again a happy Navigon Customer.

I will upgrade my comparison articles from Navigon with other GPS apps later this week.

Navigon 1.6 Promo Video


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