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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
NAVIGON`s helper-apps traffic4all & help2park extended
NAVIGON`s helper-apps traffic4all & help2park extended

NAVIGON revamps its help apps: the updated versions of “help2park” and “traffic4all” now include new functions and are available as advertising-free versions via an in-app purchase.

traffic4all & help2parktraffic4all & help2park

Save favourite parking facilities

The improvements to help2park make finding a parking space even easier. Simply by selecting a special search icon, users can now enter an address and find a space nearby. This can be saved as a favourite, as can the current parking facility or position. Moreover, users can label them with individual names. The preferred parking spaces will then be shown on the map with special icons in future.

Improved overview and new reporter function

Thanks to the new developments, traffic4all is even more versatile than before. For example, the design of the list view that has info on congestion reported by other drivers has been improved. The traffic obstacles are now shown in order according to distance to the current position or to the address entered. To make the display clearer, obstacles that are very close to each other on the map are summarised in one single symbol. If users want to get more detailed information, they can use the zoom function.

The new report- function provides information on changes in traffic. For example, if a traffic jam has just formed that is not yet covered by the app, traffic4all users can report the current situation. The route colour then changes – red in the case of congestion – to warn other drivers. Users can also report on other types of obstacles and update entries made by the community, such as when construction works have been completed.

As well as these new features, the app continues to offer its tried-and-tested functions, such as the forecast, which provides traffic information before the journey. The new version of traffic4all is now also available in Dutch, as well as in English, German and French.
The new versions of help2park and traffic4all are available now in the iTunes App Store and can be downloaded free of charge.

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