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Wednesday, March 28, 2012
NAVV Globetrotter - a Brand New Navigation App by NAVV
NAVV Globetrotter - a Brand New Navigation App by NAVV

‘NAVV Globetrotter’ is the new app for iPhone, which incorporates various location-based services and premium onboard maps by TomTom for the best navigation experience.
First of all, NAVV Globetrotter is the integrated application for the whole world, free to download.

NAVV Globetrotter gps voice ios iPhone 4S

Upon the start, user chooses the desired map (good Wi-Fi network is highly advisable) and immediately becomes entitled to the premium location-based services:

→ Lifetime-lasting premium-quality onboard maps by TomTom;
→ Millions of POIs and 3D-rendered landmarks – also onboard;
→ Precise GPS-based positioning;
→ Route planning and simulation;
→ Location-based features of Facebook and Foursquare;
→ Streaming weather forecast for any point on the map, and many other features.

During the first 30 days, voice guidance is available for free for the country that user selects first. After 30 days, all maps and app’s features remain available for free, except voice guidance for navigation.

On top of that, NAVV Globetrotter offers great value-added features via in-app purchases:
→ Lifetime turn-by-turn door-to-door navigation with voice guidance in more than 40 languages and accents;
→ Additional maps of other countries and regions, with voice guidance for navigation in those regions as well;
→ Text-to-speech services in British and American English, German, and French;
→ Regular biannual map updates.

NAVV Globetrotter denotes desire of its developers to move towards demand of customers for more flexibility while driving or travelling. More features and promotions are expected within upcoming summer months.

Along with the release of NAVV Globetrotter, regular NAVV applications are also expected to be updated soon.

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