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Tuesday, December 01, 2009
NDrive Canada, Toronto and North America
NDrive Canada, Toronto and North America

Porto, Portugal, 01 December 2009 — Official information from the NDrive Navigation Systems

“We wanted to give special attention to creating choices for Canadian iPhone users. We feel that Canadians should have more options in terms of product and price when it comes to GPS applications. At present there is only one other turn by turn GPS solution available specifically for Canada. NDrive presents three low cost alternatives to Canadians looking for GPS nav. The three tiered offering includes GPS for local use (Toronto), national (Canada), and International (North America).” – Luis Baptista-Coelho, CEO.

There are three very different price tiers for Canadian applications that scale with the amount of coverage. iPhone 3G and 3GS users can get NDrive Canada with maps from Navteq at a price of $24.99. NDrive Toronto can be had for $4.99, and NDrive North America is available for $44.99.

NDrive began selling apps in over 50 app stores worldwide in September of this year. They were the first to bring GPS choices to many emerging markets, such as Mexico, India, the Gulf countries, and several South American and Asian countries. The company expends considerable effort to localize its product. For example, NDrive is available in over 38 languages, including such languages as Cantonese and Zulu, depending on the area. The response from iPhone users has been great, especially in countries such as Mexico, where NDrive has been ranked #1 in Navigation since October 20th.

“With NDrive Canada, Toronto, and North America, iPhone users can now benefit from NDrive’s simple, intuitive interface, turn-by-turn spoken navigation, and unique features not available with any other navigation software.” – Eduardo Carqueja, Founder and Chief of Innovation.

iPhone NDrive Toronto CanadaiPhone NDrive Toronto Canada

Direct Apple Store link to NDrive Canada:
Direct Apple Store link to NDrive Toronto:
Direct Apple Store link to NDrive North America:

PRIMARY BENEFITS OF NDRIVE Canada, Toronto, North America:
? Turn by turn voice instructions
? Thousands of points of interest
? Pedestrian, Auto, and Adventure routing modes
? The highly effective search engine and fast calculations.
? All map data stored on user’s iPhone so there is no need to pay for additional downloads.
? Gesture recognition for menu, zooming, tilting and panning the map for better display and control of the map.

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