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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Ndrive London with Aerial photography released
Ndrive London with Aerial photography released

NDrive partnered with Blom, a Norwegian firm that provides aerial photography, to deliver this revolutionary product to the iPhone app market. NDrive London can be downloaded at the App store for £5.99.

“With the launch of NDrive Cities we set a new precedent for GPS applications. NDrive cities is an application which boasts incredibly detailed imagery (via aerial photography) combined with our turn by turn GPS technology. The result is a truly revolutionary product.”  – Eduardo Carqueja, Founder.

NDrive stated that more cities would become available in coming weeks including Rome, Paris, Oslo, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and many more. Some cities will have aerial photography and some will not.

iPhone car integration

NDrive designed their navigation software based on the concepts of flexible usage, operational speed, advanced graphics, and making greater use of the iPhone’s capabilities.

Primary Benefits

- Make use of three different routing modes: auto, pedestrian, and adventure.
- Blom aerial photography of the city centre.
- Fastest search of any iPhone GPS application. Can search by initials.
- Advanced graphics so as to approximate reality more closely. 6-10 FPS/sec makes for video like navigation.
- The iPhone is an amazing platform. We designed our software so that you can explore that platform’s potential while using the software.

iPhone car integrationiPhone car integration

Key Features

Best routing and maps
• Turn by turn spoken navigation
• Tele Atlas maps
• Very quick routing calculation algorithms
• Route demo or map of route when trip planning
• Alternative route selection options
• Adventure mode for off-road, air or at sea use
• Thousands of important buildings represented in 3D
• Publish and share location based information with other users directly from your device
Usability and personalization
• User interface fully optimized with iPhone, rotate iPhone and map will adjust.
• Innovative Multi-touch gesture recognition for zoom, tilt and rotate that allows you to control and interact with the map. Kinetic scrolling.
• User interface available in 28 languages

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About NDrive
NDrive Navigation Systems is a Portuguese company that began developing navigation software in 2005. In 2007 NDrive launched a number of products available in diverse markets all over the world. Demonstrating significant growth from 2007 to the present, NDrive expanded its product portfolio and global presence.

Since 2009 NDrive has turned its focus to making excellent GPS programs for mobiles. NDrive is an innovative leader in developing GPS technology for phones, with sales in 30 different countries. NDrive software is compatible with iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android platforms on hundreds of mobile devices.

NDrive software is developed with an emphasis on innovation, ease of use, safety and value.

NDrive products are sold online through their website, the iPhone App store, and at select retailers all around the world.


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