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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
NDrive segments the App Store again: welcome NDrive LA and NYC
NDrive segments the App Store again: welcome NDrive LA and NYC


Porto, Portugal, 25 November 2009 — Official information from the NDrive Navigation Systems NDrive will release two innovative GPS applications for the iPhone: NDrive New York and NDrive Los Angeles. NDrive cities are perfect for iPhone users who need a location specific, low price GPS solution. NDrive Los Angeles is available now. NDrive NYC will be available tomorrow.

NDrive New York and Los Angeles integrate turn by turn GPS navigation, extensive POI information, and reasonable pricing, to create new choices for iPhone users. Whether you’re a tourist worried about getting lost, or a local trying to find exciting new places in town, NDrive NYC and LA can deliver the information and directions you want directly into the palm of your hand, at a price that won’t leave you feeling light in the wallet.

NDrive New York and LA come as additions to the NDrive cities product line that already includes London and Rome. This week NDrive will also release navigation for Berlin, Munich, and Brussels. So if you are planning to go abroad you can continue using NDrive with these inexpensive but highly useful applications. Most European cities include aerial photography provided by NDrive’s Norwegian partner, Blom.

“With the launch of NDrive Cities we aim to deliver a new type of GPS application. Our objective is to provide a higher quality application which has better coverage of busy areas (cities), at an affordable price. In that way NDrive NYC and LA are dynamic products.” - Eduardo Carqueja - Founder and Chief of Innovation.

iPhone iPhone

For users needing more extensive map coverage… From now until Black Friday is the last chance to purchase NDrive US at the promotional price of $29.99!
NDrive would also like to announce a special, one day only Black Friday sale on NDrive NYC and NDrive LA.

Direct Apple Store link to NDrive US:
Direct Apple Store link to NDrive LA:

Available 11/26

iPhone iPhone

? Turn by turn voice instructions
? Thousands of points of interest
? Pedestrian, Auto, and Adventure routing modes
? The highly effective search engine and fast calculations.
? All map data stored on user’s iPhone so there is no need to pay for additional downloads.
? Gesture recognition for menu, zooming, tilting and panning the map for better display and control of the map.

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