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Friday, March 01, 2013
New Zealand finally has 4G LTE support for the iPhone 5
New Zealand finally has 4G LTE support for the iPhone 5

Today is a remarkable day for the Vodafone iPhone 5 users in New Zealand. Apple has updated it’s LTE support page with this information as well as a new LTE carrier STC for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia had already 2 carriers support 4G namely Zain and Mobily. It is the most popular 1800MHz band that has been rolled-out which is compatible with iPhone 5 Version GSM-1429 aka the LTE world phone for this reason.

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Vodafone is offering in New Zealand is offering LTE with a SIM only plan for $40/month which includes 500MB of data with a 4G upgrade. For those looking for even more data, a 4G SIM only Smart plan for $65/month has 1.25GB of data with the 4G upgrade.  It’s Smart Data $120 plans and above, with 2GB of data, have 4G included at no additional charge.

By the way, yesterday there was a cool new Cydia application which visualises your connection to the cell-towers. The app is called Signal and is not really cheap but it gives a nice insight on how telecom works visualised on Apple Maps.

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