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Monday, April 10, 2017
Outlook for iOS: OnePlaceMail, the First Add-in after Microsoft Launch Partners
Outlook for iOS: OnePlaceMail, the First Add-in after Microsoft Launch Partners

Created by Australian developers OnePlace Solutions, OnePlaceMail (Office Store Add-in) brings the power of SharePoint for information capture and management to the iPhone and iPad so people can be productive wherever and whenever they want. OnePlaceMail lets workers take advantage of otherwise “dead time” to securely share data from their inbox to SharePoint.

With an increasingly mobile workforce and the volume of data being created and stored growing exponentially, companies need innovative solutions to help the mobile workforce to remain productive and enable them to securely store and manage important business information that would be otherwise trapped within inboxes.

he OnePlaceMail (Office Store Add-in) makes the job of taking email messages and attachments from Outlook for iOS into SharePoint a matter of a few clicks.

A single click or tap within Outlook for iOS allows users to send the email, or any attachments to SharePoint where it can be categorised. All the metadata from the original email is retained—an important feature that will keep record managers happy while also providing easy access to find content in SharePoint.

This new Office Store Add-in’s look and feel is an intuitive blend of native iOS and Microsoft’s Office UI Fabric so that the app looks and feels like Microsoft Outlook. This makes the time between deploying the add-in to being productive very short with minimal user training required. This level of user engagement helps deliver a further return on investment for SharePoint deployments.

OnePlaceMail (Office Store Add-in) brings SharePoint to where people work.

Information movement between Outlook for iOS and SharePoint is two-way using the OnePlaceMail (Office Store Add-in). While in Outlook for iOS, users can easily access and share content within SharePoint without ever leaving the familiar confines of their inbox.

The add-in’s load time is fast and all content is saved in the background so users aren’t kept waiting.

OnePlaceMail (Office Store Add in) working on iOS, macOS, OWA and Windows complements the existing OnePlaceMail (Desktop) which works with native Outlook clients running on Windows.                               

You can download OnePlaceMail (Office Store Add-in) directly from the Microsoft Office Store or learn more on the OnePlace Solutions website about saving from Microsoft Outlook for iOS to SharePoint.

The benefits of OnePlaceMail are substantial. Collaboration between colleagues is greatly improved, accessibility to important information is made easier and the process of locating important information and auditing information trails is enhanced. With support now available on Outlook for iOS, Enterprise Content Management is achievable from the convenience of your iPhone.

OnePlaceMail (Office Store Add-in) is currently in public preview and can be downloaded today from the Microsoft Office Store.

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