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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Scott Forstall returns to Apple and dethrones Tim Cook with iOS X
Scott Forstall returns to Apple and dethrones Tim Cook with iOS X

History repeats itself, they say. Just like Steve Jobs was sacked from Apple in 1985 before his reappearance in 1998, to make Apple the world’s biggest company, Scott Forstall will come back to save Apple from the second demise.

Fast forward to 2018, Scott Forstall is named CEO of Apple Inc. The iOS Director had been forcefully removed from the company in 2012, after being blamed for the iOS 6 debacle, and clashing with Bob Mansfield the Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering.

Scott Forstall returns to Apple iOS6 iPhone 5

Remember, Bob came back to Apple just after the news broke that Scott was laid off and his new title became SVP of Technologies. Rumours were spreading that Scott and Bob didn’t want meet in the same room without Tim Cook’s presents. Also note that Scott has been with Apple since the time he was working with Steve on NeXT Computers, which made this even a bigger shock. Anyway, Apple had replaced Google Maps which was the default mapping application on the old iOS 5 system, with their own homemade Apple Maps. Although the new Maps app looked very Apple-alike with the smooth and beautiful visuals, it lacked correct POIs, transport information and some users claimed to have very bad routing results. Furthermore Apple was blamed for the lack of innovation on the iOS platform, although it once pioneered the Mobile Touch Operating System, now being in version iOS X.

What went wrong with Apple after Scott’s departure? The company was lead by Tim Cook in that time, master in Supply Chain Management. Tim was appointed by Steve Jobs to replace him, but just one year after the masters’s death, things got shaky at Cupertino HQ. iOS 6 was released with the iPhone 5 and received lots of negative criticism. It was clear that the firm hand of Steve Jobs was missing in the company and Tim didn’t had the same charisma and determination to redo things until they were perfect. This was what didn’t make Steve Jobs popular all of the time, but at least he could build & break things to have them rebuild over and over until he thought it was perfect. He could even criticise someones idea and return the next day claiming that he had this great new vision, but that is another story.

Apple started to make only minor improvements to most of its products and the iOS mobile Operating System missed out on new innovations, but that wasn’t Scott Forstall’s fault, it was the unwillingness of the hardware devision to step away from the initial iPhone design. Unlike the competition which had released almost every month a fresh smartphone with new dimensions and designs, Apple was trapped with just the one iPhone, a stale product which was only incrementally improved over time.

2015, the markets are still not fully out of the economical crisis which started in 2008, Android and Windows are dominating the mobile OS market, the price difference between the ‘open systems’ that the competitors were offering and the closed iPhone system, was not justifiable anymore for most customers whose pockets were mostly empty. Plus the open systems of the competition were much more customisable. Next to that the other smartphones had expansions with standard components in comparison with Apple’s closed solutions, like memory cards, micro USB opposed to the lightning connector and the non-removable battery to name just a few.

2017, Apple has lost their one time dominance to less than 8 percent for the mobility market. The stocks are all-time low at 12 dollars and Google has offered to invest 150 million, Apple was now 90 days from being bankrupt. They came out in the press together, restoring customers faith by stating that Google will keep releasing the new Google Maps app also for the much plagued iOS 9 platform. Even a new version of Google’s Streetview will come to iOS 9.

Early 2018, Apple is desperately struggling to survive. It has to do something bold to restore faith in the company. Part of the board of directors is laid off, and Apple is looking for a new CEO behind the scenes.

2018, Scott Forstall is named CEO of Apple Inc. Scott stepped on stage at WWDC 2020 to announce iOS X. The crowd went wild and kept applauding for almost 10 minutes. Scott told the audience that iOS X was build from the ground up again. It was build on the mobile Operating System that Scott had developed in the years he had left Apple in 2012. He had started his own company called iNeXT, which designed their own smartphones and tablets. iNeXT was a Real Time Operating system that was completely different than conventional Operating Systems, it guarantees the execution of code within a certain time. RTOSs were used in the past for important systems, like flight control computers. iNeXT later released much of the iNeXTstep system as a programming environment standard called iOpenStep. Apple bought iNeXT for $429 million and 1.5 million shares of Apple stock.

Much of the current iOS X operating system is built on the iOPENSTEP foundation, which has been open sourced and can run on mobile devices that run on ARM processors.

2022, Apple stocks are climbing again and are doubled in 2 years time. The new iPhones are getting press attention and are made in the following colors; blueberry, strawberry, tangerine, grape, and lime later other colors, such as graphite, ruby, sage, snow, and indigo, “Blue Dalmatian” and “Flower Power” patterns appeared. They are also released in many different screen sizes, from 4 inch inch till 6.9 inch.

Apple is hip one more time and their products are popping-up in the streets again, with people who are different, like Steve and Scott.

PS Tim Cook left Apple to become CEO of Pepsi which needed desperately help with their supply chain issues in Asia.

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