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Thursday, January 31, 2013
Significant iPhone 5 battery life improvement with iOS6.1 and saving tips
Significant iPhone 5 battery life improvement with iOS6.1 and saving tips

After complaining about some 3G issues with the new install yesterday, today I can report you something very positive about the new mobile OS. Last evening I charged my iPhone fully until nine o’clock in the evening. I answered some emails on the iPhone 5, went to bed early, set my alarm clock, received some messages in the mean while and fell asleep. This morning snoozed my alarm 3 times. Arriving at work I looked at my screen around 8:30 AM and it still showed 100% battery life. And that is cool, never happened before. It would at least have gone down around 10%.

battery life good iOS6.1 iOS6 iPhone 5

I must admit that my iPhone is in Edge mode all the time for several reasons. So I don’t know the result for 3G connectivity.

I know that it is good to fully drain your iPhone’s battery once in a while and that is something that I didn’t do for a long time. Now it is a good moment to try to see how long it lives and then make a new fresh full charge and check it again.

Meanwhile in the support forums quite some people are claiming the opposite effect. Some iPhones drain in 2 hours completely which is absolutely not normal.

My suggestion is to do a network reset after upgrading;

1. Kill all open background apps
2. Reset network settings: General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

It that still does not help try to fully restore the iPhone in iTunes.

User Courcoul in the forums made the valid remark that when you do backup to iCloud it only stores data there (no computable data), so after updating to iOS 6.1 it restores your data (images, music, contact, apps) from there and then it needs to rebuild all the missing things not stored in the iCloud, like indexes and thumbnails that can be computed. This means that after restoring the battery life can be impacted significantly during those operations until all is computed. So maybe you have to wait a while to see the real result of the new battery consumption. When you backup to iTunes the data and computable data is backed up and restored so you don’t have this effect.

Some general tips to save some battery;

1. Use a much as possible Edge over 3G / LTE
2. Dim the brightness of the screen as much as possible
3. Disable push mail, are you sure you cannot live without being interrupted all the time by emails?
4. Disable notifications that are not really important
5. Disable location services for app that are not so relevant
6. Switch off bluetooth and WIFI if not needed
7. Don’t want to be disturbed? Switch to airplane mode
8. Enable auto lock to as short as possible, when you forget to sleep the iPhone it is not wasting expensive screen juice
9. Use battery applications like Battery Doctor Pro or Battery Manager Pro
10. Consider buying a battery case or battery pack
11. Check your diagnostic data, see this article; Solve battery and memory problems by analyzing diagnostic data

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