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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Siri, ?????????????????????????????
Siri, ?????????????????????????????

That should mean according to google translate; Siri, where can I eat good sushi around here? And Siri should answer perfectly now. Today is the big day for many Asian people to talk even more to Siri than before. Apple has taught Siri, Local Search, Directions and Restaurant information to the already pre-announced countries; Japan, Hong Hong and South Korea. The big surprise here is that they have also implemented these 3 features secretly in China.


That was not even announced before, just happened out of the blue. Siri has just got access to a trillion Chinese restaurants and a zillion local businesses. That shows how seriously Apple is putting priorities to this emerging new world-power. Maybe it is a good time to re-buy some Apple stocks.

In a way they are holding back on secret information, it’s another thing if you add Siri features for Andorra than China for instance, because that could mean a spectacular increase in iPhone demand of course.


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