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Thursday, May 06, 2010
Sygic Aura Drive released for most EU countries
Sygic Aura Drive released for most EU countries

Sygic, previously known as the creators of one of the first GPS apps for the iPhone with their Mobile Maps, has launched a completely new product called Aura. To keep off the competition, Sygic must have felt that Mobile Maps was becoming short of some features. Now-a-days social integration is key and that is also one of the things Sygic has integrated in Aura. You can share your position and update your status and see your friends online activities.

iPhone GPS apps | Sygic Aura

Enhanced map

Aura integrated 3D buildings and landmarks with precise detail, also the elevation of the map is a standard option, unlike Navigon 1.5 with their payable Panorama View 3D in app purchase.


Chat with your friends and update your status so you can meet in restaurant you just booked with Aura.

City guides

Discover the cities history and best spots with the integrated city guides, all is preinstalled and not loaded over the costly network when you are abroad. Not to forget the user generated wiki geo-tagged information.


There are so many new things that you better find out yourself, or if you have some patience, we will review Aura here in the coming weeks. Give it a good test first and see if the iPhone can keep up with so much nice graphics and goodies integrated.

Check also our previous article about Aura’s presentation.


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