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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Sygic Mobile Maps gets more iPhone-friendly and brings fresh new look and features
Sygic Mobile Maps gets more iPhone-friendly and brings fresh new look and features

Michal Stencl, Sygic’s CEO explains: “In this major Mobile Maps update for iPhone, that we are giving to our customers for free, we have tried to include maximum of the features our users demanded so far, as well as our own ideas to make the app even more useful and user-friendly. We are thankful to all people who have provided their feedback on our product. We hope they’ll like the results and we encourage them to speak to us anytime they’d like to share any comment or idea.”

iPhone GPS Apps | Sygic Mobile Maps

The update includes:

• Fresh new look and feel of the whole application,
• Natural scrolling through menus with no buttons needed,
• Pinch to zoom the map,
• Dynamic menu animation,
• Optimized music playback during navigation,
• iPhone-like keyboard,
• Contacts integration enhanced by means of utilizing 1400 common abbreviations for address segments across 24 languages,
• Policetraps community - share mobile and static speed cameras and get warnings updated in real-time. Sign up on or report anonymously. • Tap the bottom part of the navigation screen to report speed cameras or incidents,
• Traffic info icon is already present in the main menu - it will be activated at the moment of launching the service, availability and launch time depends on region,

iPhone GPS apps | SygiciPhone GPS apps | Sygic

• Useful indicators - network signal, battery status, GPS signal strength icon and time - now present throughout the menu on top right panel,
• New instruction voices added,
• The address input within the country simplified by means of skipping the country name input field - the user can still decide to take the step back if he/she happens to be in different country compared to the last route.
• The app is ready for Google Local Search and Sygic is awaiting the green light from Google. The weather information feature is also ready and awaiting activation.

iPhone GPS apps | SygiciPhone GPS apps | Sygic

The update is getting live gradually on all regional maps since end of December, and it is available as a free download from iTunes for all existing users.

For the new customers, Sygic has now prepared special pricing in various regions.

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