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Friday, December 04, 2009
Sygic Mobile Maps India ranks as no.1 top paid nav app at iTunes in India
Sygic Mobile Maps India ranks as no.1 top paid nav app at iTunes in India

The application resides completely on the phone and does NOT require GPRS data connection or cellular network to operate. Hence, there are no hidden or recurring charges for using this application. MapmyIndia Sygic Mobile Maps works seamlessly across the popular and latest GPS phones running Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and the iPhone.

MapmyIndia Sygic Mobile Maps allow users to search any location across India, and navigate to it, getting turn-by-turn voice and map instructions right till their destination.

iPhone apps

Currently, MapmyIndia Sygic Mobile Maps can be purchased through the MapmyIndia web shop ( or by calling MapmyIndia Customer Care at 09999333223/4. MapmyIndia will ship a CD, through which users can install the application and maps on their phone. One-time cost for the complete package of turn-by-turn navigation along with India’s best maps, all on one’s phone, is Rs 2,490/-. There are no hidden or recurring charges. iPhone users can purchase and download the ‘mobile maps India’ application at price of US $79.99 from the iTunes app store.

In the near future, MapmyIndia Sygic Mobile Maps will be available for sale through MapmyIndia’s national distribution network across telecom and IT shops, as well as via Sygic web site e-shop.

With this release, customers can explore 401 cities across India with street-level turn-by-turn directions and information on POIs, as well as national, state or district highways. In addition to navigation maps, MapmyIndia offers India’s largest information set on points of interest like budget/premium hotels, petrol pumps, eating joints, ATMs, hospitals as well as tourist and religious spots.

In addition to navigating to these destinations, the interface also allows users to put up POI alerts. Users can ask the application to alert them of POIs along their route that they would like to stop at - an extremely useful feature when you want to figure out where the next ATM or petrol pump is while driving. Users can store locations as favorites, add multiple destinations and plan routes between these.

A unique feature that will delight iPhone users of MapmyIndia Sygic mobile maps is the ability to navigate to their phonebook i.e. navigate to addresses stored for people on their contact lists. Store the street address for your friends, and you can just choose the contact name to get turn-by-turn directions to their location.

Says Rakesh Verma, MD, MapmyIndia: “We have been receiving multiple queries for high quality mobile navigation software. Our latest release of MapmyIndia maps with Sygic now brings the power of MapmyIndia navigation to smartphones with an interface customized for mobile phones. We are excited to combine our strengths with Europe’s acclaimed navigation company, Sygic, and are happy to bring to Indian consumers the best maps and navigation solution available for mobile phones today.”

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“We’ve been very pleased to work with a strong partner in the region – the leading map provider MapMyIndia and we are very glad about the result – it is thrilling to see the application quickly becoming the number one top paid navigation app and top grossing app on Apple iTunes in India, while we are bringing the same experience and quality of navigation to the users of virtually all popular GPS-enabled mobile phones, like for example from Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson, and many more”. adds Anna Hurbanic, Sygic’s PR Manager.

Mobile Maps is a proven application on a range of more than 150 mobile phones and smartphones. It is available for following regions: Australia & New Zealand, South East Asia (incl. Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia), Gulf Countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates), Russia, Complete Europe, UK/ Ireland, North America (incl. USA, Canada & Mexico), US, Colombia & Brazil.

Features & benefits:

• latest maps included on-board of the phone
• crisp-clear catchy graphic interface
• smooth map movement
• quick destination input options – even when typing with errors
• high speed of route calculation
• instant re-routing in case you missed a turn
• rotation sensor for automatic switching between landscape/portrait operation in real-time
• your language (from more than 20 available)
• automatic return to the app and the route after a phone call
• intuitive operation & easy personalization, incl. personal settings of the main screen info bar
• option to save your own points of interests as favorites
• automatic or manual day/night view
• all important safety features, including lane assistance, speed limit indication, information about railway crossings and dangerous areas
• access to phone contacts directly from the application – available for iPhone only
• preview of the route and turn instructions list for planning journeys
• thousands of POIs; among others also a list of parking options nearby for you to select and be guided to
• selection between car and bicycle modes for optimum route
• all the maps will be stored on the device, there will be no need to download data on the go, which otherwise costs unnecessary waiting time and money
• current maps are included in the price, so there are no monthly fees or hidden charges.

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