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Friday, March 12, 2010
The iPhone OS 4.0 multitasking rumor mill
The iPhone OS 4.0 multitasking rumor mill

The latest buzz sweeping the blogosphere concerns a rumor that the iPhone OS 4.0 MAY finally offer the ability to multitask.  Apple’s taken a lot of flack over the years for not offering what is probably the most basic of features in today’s computing environment. Johnny-Come-Latelys, like the Droid, who are trying to capitalize on the iPhone’s success by copying it are touting this prominently in their advertising.

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I don’t think, however, this offering will is in response to competition. The release of the 4G seems to be the most logical time to introduce multitasking as this is when those 3G contracts will start to end. Those of us who have jailbroken and tried the various hacks to enable multitasking can tell you: the 3G just simply can’t handle it with its minuscule memory footprint.

Heck, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend since the 3GS came out where more and more apps are crashier than they once were. It’s my personal suspicion that a lot of developers have purchased 3GSes and are coding to that platform and not concerning themselves with memory limitations. The “it works on my phone” syndrome. Because of this, the 3G can barely handle SINGLE tasking.

I’m thinking Apple’s going to do one of two things: release a multitasking cable OS, but declare multitasking’s not available on anything less than a 3GS. This’ll generate a ton of “they’re just doing this to force people to upgrade because they’re evil” press, unfortunately.  Or, they can wait until all 3Gs are off the market. This will generate a ton of “why won’t Apple release a multi-tasking OS??” press.

But, that’s the beauty of the 21st century….now you can’t please anyone.

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