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Thursday, May 12, 2016
Tips to Improve the Sound on Your Apple Devices
Tips to Improve the Sound on Your Apple Devices

Apple makes great devices. They look fantastic, are easy to use and, for the most part, do a good job.

Most iPhones, iPads and Macs have good built in speakers. The majority of users are perfectly happy with the sound quality. That is great, but many owners would still love to improve the way that their music, audio books and podcasts sound, which is why we have written this article.

Set your device up properly

Every Apple gadget gives you the option to adjust your sound output. It is always well worth playing around with these settings, and finding the setup that is right for you. Simply adjusting the balance and volume will have a big impact on the quality of the sound.

Buy your music in the right format

Most music sounds better when it is played back in an uncompressed format. Therefore, when you purchase your favourite tracks it is always worth buying and storing them in AIFF, WAV or ALAC format, rather than as ALAC files.

This is not as important when you are buying audio books. However, if you are hard of hearing you may find that buying them in an uncompressed format will make it easier for you to hear what is being said.

Invest in a good set of headphones

On most Apple devices, the quality of the built-in speakers is very good. However, if the way your music sounds is very important to you it is well worth investing some money in a set of high-end headphones. There are hundreds of different types available. Therefore, it is well worth taking your time and doing some research before making your final purchase.
Bear in mind how you are going to be using your headphones. It is important to buy a set that will perform well in the environment that you are going to be using them in. For example, if you regularly spend time in places where there is a lot of ambient noise it is well worth paying a little extra and investing in a set that has noise cancellation technology built-in.

Getting audio issues fixed

Apple devices are very reliable, but inevitably, after heavy use, they do eventually break. Therefore, problems with the speakers, microphone and sound system are a relatively common issue for owners of older Apple phones, tablets and laptops.

If you do experience problems, the first step is to go through Apple’s troubleshooting processes. You can access them here. If that does not solve the problem, the chances are that one of the physical components in your phone or tablet is broken.

Fortunately, you can get most sound issues sorted out quickly by using the service provided by This experienced firm of Apple device repairers will tell you in minutes what the problem is.

They will give you an accurate quote and carry out the repair quickly. This company also offers a postal repair service, which means that you can use them regardless of where you live in the USA.

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