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Sunday, March 14, 2010
TomTom Western Europe 1.3 is live with pricy HD Traffic option
TomTom Western Europe 1.3 is live with pricy HD Traffic option

Please register to read allTomTom has kept their promise, to include as many features as possible in the iPhone application, that are already incorporated in their current PNDs.

HD Traffic is an In-App purchase and available in the UK, DE, NL, BE , CH.

Last winter it was significant how big the difference was of the KMs traffic jam reported by TomTom HD, compared to the official Public traffic service publications. Especially on February 1st there was in The Netherlands 107.5 hours (2628km) traffic being reported on TomTom HD Traffic. The longest jam was 88.5 km.

In this article we will install this feature and compare it with the current competition to see how they have traffic services as well for less money.

What does this information cost? TomTom has added a new menu option called TomTom Traffic, once selected you see 4 price plans.

1. One day 0,79 Euro
2. One month 5,99 Euro
3. Three months 14,99 Euro
4. One year 49,99 Euro

iPhone apps | TomTom 1.3iPhone apps | TomTom 1.3

Once you select your plan, it asks you to create an account, by supplying an email address and a password. Now you can start a new route planning and once done, you will see the map and in the top right corner a car icon.

When you press the car, it shows a nice vertical bar on the right of the screen, which presents the timeline of your route and its traffic. Traffic is indicated with little colored dots. You can scroll this traffic bar down with your finger to see what more bad news is ahead on your route.

iPhone apps | TomTom 1.3iPhone apps | TomTom 1.3

iPhone apps | TomTom 1.3iPhone apps | TomTom 1.3

Every 3 minutes this information is updated. And alternative routes are automatically calculated as you drive.

Traffic competition

TomTom is 4 months behind Navigon that already has Live Traffic for a while in Europe since version 1.3. Also Navigon only charges 20 euro for this as a one-time fee. No recurring subscription. You can program Navigon, to always consider traffic and avoid it, or that it will prompt you with the question, which is good when you drive in know high traffic areas that cannot be avoided anyway.

iPhone apps | NavigoniPhone apps | Navigon

Sygic Mobile Maps is traffic-ready and will further implement it this quarter fro no additional cost. I just checked the option again and to my big surprise it is active already for me, see screens. Once you press “Show all incidents” you get a list where you can chose what to avoid, or to avoid all. Here you also have the option to automatically recalculate the route or not. See settings screenshot.

iPhone apps | SygiciPhone apps | Sygic

iPhone apps | SygiciPhone apps | Sygic

Note that CoPilot Live has traffic alerts only for UK, FR, DE, IT, ES and DK.

Other new features

What else is new in this release?

Google Local Search: Find countless shops and businesses wherever you are, and navigate directly there. Access the latest Google listings from within the TomTom app.

iPhone apps | TomTom 1.3iPhone apps | TomTom 1.3
iPhone apps | TomTom 1.3iPhone apps | TomTom 1.3

Drive with the latest map: Because on average 15% of roads change every year, your TomTom app comes with the latest and most up-to-date map, ready to navigate.

Music fading: Listen to your music continually while navigating with TomTom. Music fading will gently reduce volume while TomTom gives you driving instructions, and will return to normal volume between prompts.

Automatic day & night mode: Your app calculates local sunrise and sunset times to automatically adjust the screen brightness while driving, for a safer drive.

Add locations from other applications and websites on your iPhone to your TomTom app and instantly navigate to them or store them as favorites for future use.

I don’t know how the last feature works, if you find out please leave a comment.

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