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Thursday, November 19, 2009
TomTom Western Europe updated to version 1.2 - iPhone 1G, 2G and iPod Touch compatible
TomTom Western Europe updated to version 1.2 - iPhone 1G, 2G and iPod Touch compatible

While I am writing this exciting news, I am downloading the 1.60 GB update of TomTom version 1.2. We have announced the App Store submission here last week, but at that moment not all the details of the upgrade were already given by TomTom.

What we already knew was that they included technologies like; Text-To-Speech, Lane Road Indication, iPod integration, Emergency Menu, Updated Maps & Radar and customizable alerts.

What we did not know is the following.

IQ Routes

The IQ Routes Technology has been studied by us and published in a GPS routes compare article of all the navigators on the market, which is a must read for every GPS app customer. TomTom updated the IQ Routes database with millions of new measurements in this release, that they have crowd sourced from the current TomTom users.

iPod Touch and first Gen iPhone

To my surprise they also include iPod Touch and first generation iPhone compatibility now. At the moment, our Spanish publisher Daniel, is testing TomTom’s Car Kit with a first Gen iPhone, and the previous version of the app; TomTom Western Europe 1.1. He has managed to make the app working with the car kit. He will try also to test the car kit with the iPhone 3Gs.

iPod integration

Following the competition, iPod integration is here for you now. I still can not get used to the abrupt muting of the music to hear the voice instructions though.

iPhone car integrationiPhone car integration
Note that you have to touch the music icon to the right for the iPod buttons to pop up.

New Maps

TomTom gives you a free map update of their Tele Atlas Map Technology. The Map version went from v.8.30 to v8.35, we climbed dot 5 points here. Also the Point Of Interest database has been updated, which is also very important. Sygic did the same yesterday with their Mobile Navigator, giving us new Tele Atlas maps for free.


Text-To-Speech has been added for the following languages; English UK, French, German, Italian, Spanish and the TomTom home base language Dutch.

Lane Road Indication

Navigon and Sygic have first introduced Lane Road Indication in the iPhone GPS apps market. TomTom has finally listened to the critics and implemented this feature. This is the most important update for me. When you enter a difficult intersection where special attention is needed, you will see a graphic with the real world view of the situation. Green arrows start blinking in the lanes that you must take.

iPhone car integrationiPhone car integration

iPhone car integrationiPhone car integration

Help Me

This feature can be found in the menu and selecting it gives you 2 options, “Phone for Help” “Drive to Help”. It also displays where you are so you can read it out to the emergency service. Phone for Help brings you to a screen where you can call the emergency number of the country, Touring assistance and important POIs like doctors, dentists and so on.

The Drive to Help shows you POIs which you can select and navigate to.

iPhone car integrationiPhone car integration

iPhone car integrationiPhone car integration


In the Advanced settings, Lane Images can be switched on or off. Also the GPS Enhancer is now here set to on by default. It compensates for any delays or inaccuracies in your location, which I complained about in my first review.

iPhone car integrationiPhone car integration


The download has finished in iTunes, let’s transfer it to the iPhone. At the same time I am downloading the Sygic massive 1.82 GB update, iTunes is doing a great job here.

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