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Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Try this solution when you cannot restore or upgrade your iPhone
Try this solution when you cannot restore or upgrade your iPhone

Many people like me are selling their old iPhone before buying the new iPhone 5. I ordered mine a while ago and it’s expected to ship between October 23 - 29. In the mean while, I wanted to cleanup my current iPhone 4S to make it ready for sale.

My iPhone 4S is Jailbroken, not for illegal software, I’m a strong opposer of that. Stealing software kills the development and update incentives. I jailbroke it to use IntelliscreenX. Anyway, I went to the Reset option in the Settings menu and selected “Reset all Settings and Content” to clean out all my personal stuff. But because the Jailbreak changed the filesystem, this does not work and you see the spinning wheel forever.

No problem I thought, I will just reinstall (Restore) the 5.1.1 Firmware, the same version the iPhone 4S was running.

Restore and Upgrade errors and solutions, iOS6 iPhone 5

I downloaded the firmware to my desktop and in iTunes I selected the restore option with the alt-key pressed on my Mac. I browsed to the IPSW firmware file, selected it and hit continue. After decompressing, iTunes threw up this error: “This device isn’t eligible for the requested build”.

Googling this gave the following possible solutions; removing old Cydia servers from the /private/etc/hosts file via the terminal or TinyUmbrella (Advanced Tab).
This did not work either so I thought, I still have the SHSH blob files from the latest firmwares saved, so with using TinyUmbrella and or Redsnow, this should be a piece of cake.

Not a piece of cake, I received the following iTunes errors while trying different recommendations on the net: Error 1600, Error 3194, Error (-1), Internal Error. Then I guessed that now iOS 6 is online, Apple stopped signing the older firmware so I have no other option than to upgrade to iOS 6.

Connected the iPhone to iTunes, selected upgrade, waiting, downloading, decompressing… Fail.
From within the iPhone I went to Settings, Upgrade, start, wait… Fail.

That is strange, I cannot restore the current firmware and I cannot upgrade to iOS 6, so I cannot sell the iPhone in the current state?

Finally I stumbled upon this article from Apple that fixed my problem;

The problem was that this url did not came up high enough in google with most of my queries for those errors. Only jailbreak sites with many suggestions except this one. I still don’t know if I could have restored to iOS 5.1.1 the same way, maybe someone knows?

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