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Thursday, August 15, 2019
Turn your iPhone into a 3D device with IQH3D VIEW cases and screen protectors
Turn your iPhone into a 3D device with IQH3D VIEW cases and screen protectors

IQH3D is releasing its IQH3D VIEW™ accessories for iPhone this summer. Their 3D view screen protectors and limited-edition 3D view cases allow users to view their 3D content without 3D glasses and VR Goggles. They will be available for purchase on the IQH3D website and on Amazon.

According to IQH3D “Believing is Seeing.” Imagine transforming your iPhone into an awesome 3D viewer.

That is exactly what the IQH3D VIEW™ screen protectors and cases do. Whether you’re interested in 3D games, movies, photos, and video clips, IQH3D is launching their glasses-free 3D View Screen Protectors and a limited edition 3D View Case which allows iPhone users the ability to view 3D content, no 3D glasses or VR goggles required!

Screen protectors and phone cases are by no means new to the smartphone market, however, IQH3D is making these device accessories do more than just protect your phone from damage. Users simply download the IQH3D App which is currently available on the App Store (iOS) for free, calibrate their devices in two simple steps and enjoy their 3D media!

IQH3D View Accessories Availability
The IQH3D VIEW™ Screen Protectors and Cases will be available for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus by August 22, 2019, on their website on Amazon and at a later date in select stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. “3D is now! We are extremely excited about these products and will be releasing similar accessories for the iPhone X models and Android devices in Fall of 2019” report Loyal Haylett, CEO of IQH3D.

About IQH3D
IQ-Haylett LLC, DBA IQH3D, is a Glasses-Free 3D company based in the United States with its main office in Florida. IQH3D has distribution partners in Canada, Mexico, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Caribbean and Bangladesh, as well as, manufacturing partners in the US and Shenzhen, China. IQH3D is a leading source for Glasses-Free 3D products such as the IQH3D VIEW™ smartphone accessories, 3D tablets, Glasses-Free 3D Advertising Screens with UltraD™ technology and 3D smartphones. IQH3D currently has its 65” UltraD™ 4K 3D Digital Signage Display available on their website

The IQH3D Digital Signage Content Management Solution (CMS) will be released September 2019 and their Glasses-Free 3D Tablet in Fall of 2019.

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