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Friday, October 09, 2009
Updated CoPilot Live Europe iPhone App Now Available
Updated CoPilot Live Europe iPhone App Now Available

An updated version of CoPilot Live European Maps iPhone app has been approved by Apple and is available in the ApStore. The new version is 8.0.0417.

Existing customers can download the updated version for free from AppStore or iTunes.

These updates will be coming to the individual region CoPilot Live iPhone apps very shortly – you’ll hear about it hear first.

There are a number of improvements, mainly based on the fantastic amount of feedback we have been getting from customers. These include:

• The much requested iPhone keyboard
• Improved contacts destination entry
• Improved GPS performance in walking mode
• Update button for in-app safety camera database downloads
• Additional stability and performance improvements
• Ability to switch-off menu beeps and mute voice instructions
• Smart call handling remembers your destination after a phone call
• Fixed landscape freeze after phone call issue
• GPS reliability improvements

Visit for more information.

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