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Thursday, December 17, 2015
VINET Head-Up display with GPS routing and OBD integration for smart and safe road trips
VINET Head-Up display with GPS routing and OBD integration for smart and safe road trips

The VINET is stand-alone head-up display using a transparent OLED screen to illustrate vital driving information including; navigation, speed, mpg, rpm, phone messages and more, helping drivers safely keep their eyes on the road. The VINET’s on-board diagnostic (OBD II) adapter seamlessly sends vehicle data via Bluetooth to the HUD as well to the driver’s smartphone through the VINET companion app.   

The VINET app analyzes driving habits, making recommendations to help owners be more economical with their driving by sending alerts for navigating shorter routes and suggesting time, fuel and money saving tips. 

The smartest feature of the VINET app is its Smart Vehicle Inspection. The VINET OBD II adapter sends vehicle data to connected smartphones to forecast and send notifications on upcoming maintenance schedules.

“If the starting voltage of the battery is unusually high, the app will send a notification suggesting to check the starting coil,” said Don Han, Project Manager. “Keeping drivers better connected to these small and oftentimes hidden maintenance details is key to preventing a costly mechanic bill in the long run. I think we have all been there, wishing we caught that five dollar problem before it turned into an expensive nightmare.”

The first of its kind to have a working prototype, the campaign will focus on supporting full-scale production of the VINET and the VINET S. Early adopters who contribute to the campaign will have tiered opportunities to receive the VINET and VINET S for fifty percent below expected retail value or for free through a lottery pledge.     

The VINET S is slated to be released by Q4 2016 and will be equipped with premium features including a dash cam, WiFi hotspot and voice control.

- Transparent OLED screen displays navigation, MPG, messages and more without diverting eyes from the road
- OBD II adapter connects to HUD and iOS/Android smartphone via Bluetooth
- VINET app analyses driving habits, sending alerts to improve driving efficiency and recommend car maintenance checks  
- VINET S premium features include dash cam, WiFi hotspot, voice control and more  

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