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Thursday, December 15, 2011
Will you be in time for Christmas?
Will you be in time for Christmas?

iGO primo app GPS navigation turn-by-turn iPhone 4S

Families coming together, tables bursting with delicious food, the sound of Christmas carols echoing down snow-blanketed streets. That’s how the ideal festive season is supposed to be. In reality, though, most of us will be going through extremely stressful times. But cheer up - there is a solution: a smart navigation app on your iPhone can help you find the right place at the right time and avoid detours and delays.

According to an opinion poll conducted in the United States, customers spend an average of 15 hours choosing gifts in the lead-up to Christmas, but even more importantly, to get their gift shopping done they spend an average of 7.4 hours just traveling! If we factor in wrapping and labeling too, the total amount of time invested in gifts ends up around 27 hours per person.

Another survey says that Christmas is one of the six most stressful events in life, up there with moving house and changing jobs. The No. 1 source of this tension is time pressure: shopping, cooking and cleaning, overtime at work - all this has got to be done and completed before the Holy Night. Sometimes all you really want for Christmas is a little more time!

But even if you cannot buy time, there is one solution that can help you keep your time under control. With a smart navigation solution like iGO primo app on your iPhone, you can get to where you need to be so much faster. With a large selection of Points of Interest (such as shopping centers, gas stations, restaurants and bars) the software contains all the destinations you might need around this time of year. It helps you not only to avoid traffic jams and find parking spaces, but with Wcities*, the world’s premier database of travel content, you can even check the opening hours of many stores.

The time you save using a navigation app can now be spent with friends and relatives. Maybe some of them live out of town or in another city – with iGO primo app on hand, your driving time becomes something predictable and less stressful.

And if you’ve toured all the shops, checked out all the magazines for gift ideas and still haven’t found the perfect present, why not make a gift of iGO primo app? It couldn’t be simpler: just click on the application in iTunes on App Store, select “Gift This App” in the drop-down bar next to the “Buy App” option, and your loved ones can download the software under the Christmas tree. They’ll be thrilled to get a trendy and useful gift that they can carry around in their pocket all year through!

Enjoy your Christmas shopping, parties and get-togethers – with iGO primo app on your iPhone, available in 26 regional editions from your local App Store. For more information, please visit and watch the demo here.

*Wcities database is included in the Europe and Western Europe

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