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iPhone How To?

Friday, May 02, 2014
Forgot restrictions pass code? Restore your iDevice with new code

Did you also forgot the restrictions PIN code from your iPhone or iPad?

The problem is that you cannot factory restore your iDevice without disabling "Find my iPhone". This is to prevent thieves from restoring iOS devices easily. For the non-thieves under us, here is the way to restore back if you lost your restrictions code.

By the way, after installing an iDevice you should enable "Find my iPhone/iPad", and then enable restrictions with the following";
1. Disable Location services
2. Disable accounts

This way thieves cannot disable the Find my iPhone or iCloud settings, the disadvantage from this is that every time you install a new application with location services you should go back to restrictions to enable this new app to use location services, the same when you have to change account details, like a monthly changed password for an email address. Quite cumbersome but I really recommend disabling location services modifications and account modifications.

Anyway here is what to do when you forgot your restrictions passcode.

1. Make a backup in iTunes and backup your photos in iPhone
2. Download iBackupbot and modify the following file -- from the last backup you made in iTunes -- in iBackupbot;


Change true to false and add the 2 lines containing the 1234 new restriction code, see in bold in the screenshot below;


After you have done this modification put your iOS device in DFU mode.

Now connect it to iTunes and reinstall iOS and select the last backup in which you have injected the new "1234" restrictions code.

Follow the restore process, enter your iCloud account, go to restrictions and type the 1234 code, now change it to something you can remember.

good luck!