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Disposable phone numbers for your iPhone with Shuffle

With Shuffle, you can create a dedicated phone number and email alias for every unique purpose. Have one phone number that you give to friends, another that you give to clients, another that you give to dates, plus add and remove numbers and emails for more limited purposes as needed. Selling your couch on Craigslist? Create a temporary Shuffle phone number where the buyer can reach you, and keep your personal contact information protected.

Shuffle offers all of the features that today’s phone users expect from their mobile phone service, including voicemail, SMS & photo messaging capabilities. The app also features unique color-coded icons that make it easy to keep track of different phone numbers and email aliases.

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Into Stocks? Get the iOS Stock Grader app for better decision making

Princeton, New Jersey - Sender Software LLC today is very pleased to announce that Stock Grader, its stock analyst app for iOS devices, has passed over 30,000 downloads. First released in September 2014, Stock Grader has since grown to be an invaluable tool for thousands of investors worldwide.

“If you’re searching for a little extra information on a stock before deciding whether to invest, this app may help you,” says Lance Davis of Bankrate. “The app gives a letter grade to a stock’s profitability, efficiency, liabilities and valuation, while also providing info on other criteria, such as the price-earnings ratio. It’s easy to use and can efficiently provide key information on potential investments.”

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The Best Bingo Apps for iPhone

We all know that iPhones can be used for more than just calling and texting, but many have never thought of using their phone for bingo. This game takes elements of gambling and fun to the next level and plenty of players are wondering how they can play these games on iOS.

Mobile bingo apps, like the ones reviewed on, are increasing in popularity and it can be hard to know which ones are best. Newbies and seasoned players can find it difficult to look through each and every app before downloading so we’ve picked a few of the best ones.

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Mike Tyson just released an iPhone Digital Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Direct, LLC, a subsidiary of Connexus Corporation (OTC PINK: CNXS), and Mike Tyson announced the Mike Tyson Digital Wallet today. This is the first celebrity-associated digital wallet of any kind, bringing consumers the first mainstream digital wallet that allows the buying and selling of bitcoin, which also works with any bitcoin ATM across the U.S. and internationally.  It is currently available on iOS.

Bitcoin Direct produced the Mike Tyson Digital Wallet in partnership with BitPay, the leader in bitcoin payment technology and developer of the bitcoin wallet platform Copay. The wallet uses Copay’s open source code along with a custom design experience built for the Mike Tyson Bitcoin brand and Mike Tyson’s fans.

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MediaTek readies the MT7697 for better HomeKit IoT experience

MediaTek today announced the MT7697 to help bridge Internet of Things (IoT) in the home. This new SoC furthers the market-leading family of IoT chips that provide high levels of integration with impressively low power consumption for applications such as home appliances, home automation, smart gadgets, IoT bridges and cloud connectivity.

The MT7697 powers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections for smart gadgets and wearables. To support consumers’ increasingly connected homes and lifestyles, MT7697 together with MediaTek’s extensive smartphone chipset portfolio help create a universal “eco-sphere” of seamlessly connected smartphones, wearables and appliances.

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Diet Hero helps you keep your New Years resolutions

Barracuda Partners is proud to announce the launch of Diet Hero, a weight loss app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that tells you what and how much to eat. No calorie counting needed. Users won’t have to force-feed themselves with foods that they don’t want to eat as Diet Hero takes into consideration the user’s food preferences, the foods that are available in the kitchen, and information about a user’s weight loss goals.

“Losing weight has always been a challenge, especially with people becoming increasingly busy. Our mission was to create a product that makes following a healthy eating approach as easy as possible” said Todd Musgrove, Managing Director of Barracuda Partners. “We received lots of feedback from nutritionists and dietitian that customized meal planning is something their client’s would really value, so we knew we were on to something big with Diet Hero.”

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Coinspace app - Pay with Bitcoins and Litecoins on your iPhone

CoinSpace now have a version of their digital currency wallet app for all major mobile platforms — iOS, Android and Windows phone — along with web browser functionality for other devices. The wallet provides a method for receiving, making payments, and storing digital currencies which include Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The app offers not only more advanced features than Bitcoin enthusiasts have ever seen before — it also provides the ability for users to function as “their own bank.” For instance in some parts of the world many individuals are considered “un-banked,” with simply no access to a bank account of their own.

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Magnetic innovative Sports Z-Case and Z-Band

Managing a smartphone while exercising is nothing short of a hassle. So in an effort to create a solution for the millions of people that face this problem on a day-to-day basis, Cleveland-based startup Selfie-Z developed an absolutely innovative solution. A magnetic smartphone case and armband that make phone management a breeze. The small startup company recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and the innovative products are available for pre-order for a limited time.

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SIGNUL Beacon System now available for iOS

The IoT Design Shop at Finger Food Studios is pleased to announce general commercial availability of our SIGNUL Beacon System. This achievement is the product of two years of design and effort that has culminated in a unique and engaging beacon product that is specifically targeted for personal use by our customers.

SIGNUL beacon “zones” are established by placing a SIGNUL beacon at a physical point of interest. This could be at home, at work, in a vehicle, or any other place where a micro-location pointer is useful. The size of the zone is fully configurable as are the reactions that will occur when a smartphone detects entry or exit from a zone.

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Stay under the radar with VIPole Secure Messenger for iOS

VIPole Secure Messenger with strong AES-256 encryption is now available for iOS users and there are plenty of reasons to try it before flinging into the New Year!  Alongside with the never-ending encryption debate that involves enterprises, governments and tech enthusiasts, there is a solution for secure communications developed with respect to customers’ privacy. VIPole messenger encrypts all types of transmitted and stored data and provides a unique set of features for extra protection of identity and sensitive data.

Today many messaging apps are pitching about user privacy and security priority but upon closer inspection, they are either tracking customer’s general whereabouts or storing deleted messages that can be retrieved anytime.

Dipole secure messenger for iOS

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