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Apple Watch Glucose Monitoring with Dexcom G5 Mobile

Dexcom, Inc., a leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for people with diabetes, announced today that the Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System will support the Apple Watch enabling users to monitor their G5 Mobile glucose data using the app with one glance of their wrist. Users, as well as parents and caregivers, will be able to discreetly receive glucose readings and trends, alerts and notifications on Apple Watch, which syncs data directly from iPhone. 

In addition, a new feature called Today view is now supported by the G5 app for iPhone, allowing users to easily and quickly check their CGM information without needing to open the app, even when the device is locked. The Today view widget is accessed by swiping down from the top edge of the screen, for greater ease of use and flexibility.

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Review - Le Menu Dit translate menus from English to French without an Internet connection (2.0)

As a faithful reader of this site, you might’ve noticed that we’ve just reviewed this application, however this is version 2.0, a new full point release. The previous review you can read here.

Le Menu Dit has a better translation in this version as well as an improved user interface with better instructions and a new Feedback page. So let’s translate some menus and see for the results.

The first menu I tried was interesting because it has fish too, fishes are hard to recognise when you don’t speak the language, while everyone worldwide knows what chicken or taco means. “6 Oysters on the half shell” was translated into “6 hunters sur la demi-coquille”.

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Review - UsefulAlarm -Ringtones and Radio Player

iOS developer Stefano Galizia from Beautiful apps, has released his third application in the Appstore, this time it’s an alarm app. Not just an average alarm app, but a useful one like the name implies.

Until now I must admit that I’ve only used the standard iOS alarm since 2007, but UsefulAlarm got me interested to change this habit. The app can wake you up with radio, which is something I really like. At work I listen in the morning to News radio and the afternoon to alternative radio.

This week I’ve been waking up with my favourite radiostation and must admit that this is really much nicer, it’s more subtle and relaxed to wakeup versus the harsh normal iOS wakeup sound.

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iKlips DUO - extend your iOS hungry storage needs

If you became attached to iKlips the first time round, you will love what we have in store with the new iKlips DUO. It’s a design that has been perfected to be more practical, with a redesigned body to fit even more iPhone and iPad cases and a silicone body sleeve for added protection. Losing connector caps is now a thing of the past. Available in four vivid colours and four storage capacities, iKlips DUO provides you with the necessary extra storage to keep your photos, music and games organised on the go.

Like the first iKlips, the new iKlips DUO is also produced with top quality and super high-speed MLC flash memory for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro – the fastest flash memory type for iOS devices. In addition to enabling greater speeds, it also provides greater stability and a longer lifespan. And with its gorgeous high-grade aluminum body, you will be wanting to use it as often as possible. It’s gorgeous to hold and use.

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iOS Devs can now use CardFlight EMV Chip Card Payments in their applications

CardFlight’s offering includes software developer kits for iOS and Android that allow mobile app developers to quickly integrate card present payment acceptance for real world use cases into their own native apps.  Additionally, CardFlight provides point-to-point encryption, tokenization and a PCI Level 1 compliant payment gateway to safely and securely route transactions from the card reading device to a customer’s Stripe account.

Based on data from the Federal Reserve, over 83% of credit and debit card transactions in the United States are card present, with cardholders paying merchants in real life settings.  Additionally, mobile payment acceptance is one of the fastest growing areas in payments. Research firm 451 Research reports that over 13 million mobile point of sale systems are in use globally today, a number that will quadruple to more than 59 million devices by 2019.

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Review - Ctrip travel agent app

This week we are reviewing a travel app, it’s called Ctrip. You might guess from the name that it’s a Chinese travel app. In fact Ctrip is China’s biggest and leading travel agent, which has released a nice iPhone application.

For our international readers it’s an opportunity to learn about Ctrip because they are a competitor with the’s of this world.

Although Ctrip is Chinese, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it if you’re not from China. By default the app gives hotel prices in Yen, but that can easily be changed to almost any important currency of the world, in the settings menu. The same applies for languages.

At first glance the app looks nice (important) and is super intuitive, all scrolls smooth and is quick. The app consists of 4 main topics;

1. Hotels
2. Flights
3. Trains
4. Flight Status

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HealthKit to help Diabetes with the Accu-Chek Connect App

Roche Diabetes Care today announced the integration of the Accu-Chek Connect System with the Apple Health app on iPhone. The integration will allow patients using the Accu-Chek Connect app to share data with HealthKit and easily view their blood glucose levels and carbohydrates in the Health app alongside other activity and health information.

The Accu-Chek Connect system is a diabetes management system that consists of the Accu-Chek Aviva Connect meter, an app (, and an online portal that allows patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers to view, share, and access blood glucose data anytime, anywhere.

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LifeBEAM’s Under Armour wireless headphones measure your heart rate

LifeBEAM, a leader in wearable technology, announced today that its advanced bio sensing technology powers the heart rate monitoring feature of the new Under Armour Headphones Wireless Heart Rate - Engineered by JBL. This partnership brings together the aerospace-grade accuracy of LifeBEAM’s technology with JBL’s Signature Sound quality and Under Armour’s elite sportswear performance. A CES 2016 Editors’ Choice Award winner, the in-ear headphones let users monitor their heart rate while enjoying their favorite music, maximizing the enjoyment and results of their workout.

“This alliance with JBL and Under Armour is the latest example of LifeBEAM’s technological collaboration with leading performance sports brands to deliver the most sophisticated and accurate biometrics to help consumers reach their fitness goals,” stated Zvika Orron, chief technology officer at LifeBEAM. “The inner ear provides one of the most accurate sources of biometric data, such as heart rate and motion, making these in-ear headphones the ideal accessory for improving performance while also rocking out to a personal playlist.”

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Another FBI bummer - USMobile’s Scramble3 app lets you call under the radar

USMobile, a developer of private mobile services, today launched Scrambl3 (, pronounced “scramble”), a smartphone App for the iPhone and iPad enabling users to make the world’s most secure calls and messages (requires iOS 9.2 or higher). USMobile’s collaboration with the NSA, IBM and Apple has produced the first Enterprise-grade Calling and Messaging App for the iPhone and iPad.

What Makes Scrambl3 So Secure?

First Enterprise-grade secure mobile voice and messaging App illustrated
“Existing consumer-grade calling and messaging mobile Apps from Blackberry, Skype, WhatsApp, Symphony, Wickr, Silent Circle and others don’t go far enough to protect people from hackers seeking high-value information,” said USMobile CEO Jon Hanour. “Only Scrambl3 takes the additional, critical, step of creating a ‘Dark Internet Tunnel,’ – USMobile’s Top Secret-grade Virtual Private Network (VPN). In this unique way, communication is ‘Cloaked,’ or made invisible to those who wish to intercept it,” said Hanour, calling the result “the first Enterprise-grade mobile security App.”

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Get results with the new Zone Diet App

As reported by, people who want to lose weight, improve their fitness level, and boost their well-being can take a major step in that direction by choosing a diet that includes plenty of high protein, low carb foods. And now, people can make the journey to a healthier, fitter and leaner body simpler and safer thanks to the new app Zone Diet - Realistic Choice for a Low Carb High Protein Diet (a.k.a. Zone Diet).

Developed by Apps Genie Ltd., Zone Diet is a simple, yet powerful all-in-one knowledge hub that features practical tips, videos, articles, tools, meal delivery information, and more - and all of it is designed to help people get informed, feel empowered, and maximise their results.

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