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Google helps secure Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 update

Apple has been releasing an important speed update to the Watch Operating system. Not that people seem to notice it dramatically but enough to be snappier. Next to the Siri and fitness improvements, there are also 14 security updates in this release. Apple developers have been very busy patching the kernel, 8 kernel issues have been address and funny enough 3 of them have been found bu Google Employees.

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Tensio mHealth App being showcased at CES Asia

Tensio Works With Apple’s HealthKit & Watch to Put Anyone with High Blood Pressure in Control

At CES Asia this week Humetrix will demonstrate Tensio™, an mHealth app for the iPhone and Apple Watch that lets anyone with hypertension better manage their condition by monitoring their blood pressure, weight, physical activity, diet, and medications. Anyone can use Tensio in consultation with their doctor to help them control their blood pressure.

Hypertension affects millions of people worldwide. Monitoring your blood pressure, medications, diet, weight and exercise is key to hypertension management. Tensio assembles all of the information from your monitoring devices stored in Apple HealthKit, along with relevant medication and medical diagnoses to generate iPhone and Apple Watch notifications that help people better manage their condition.

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Ultimate Ears BOOM dual review

We’ve tested the Ultimate Ears BOOM before here on iPhonetunes, that was the special Kenny Scharf edition. We were very surprised by the quality of the speaker as well the finishing of the product as a whole. Logitec has looked into the cookbooks from Apple on how to make the best speaker possible and that in a nice design, with finesse in every detail.

This time we’ve tested the UE BOOM in dual mode, myself as being a twin knows that 2 is more than 1 plus 1. We received 2 test models, one yellow with green label and the other being blue with a red label. I really like the vibrant yellow BOOM, while my daughter fell in love with the blue BOOM.

UE Boom Logitec - Dual mode review

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Overcast : Podcast support on your Apple Watch

Waiting for iPhone 7 will pay off - iPhone specs history in graphs

Apple has never been the company that is keen on publishing specifications about their new products, until some years ago. In the pre-Samsung times, they have always highlighted unique features and use cases which were eagerly demoed by Steve and Phil. More recently, Apple is using its keynotes as a showcase for specifications, mostly caused by stiff competition. An exception from this is the Apple WATCH because it is a new player in the market, but wait for the next 2 models and it will be a specs demo all over.

I have graphed out most of the specs of all the iPhone models over the years. It shows that the iPhone 7 is the iPhone to wait for because many specs didn’t change over the last 4 models.

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Do it in 3 sizes

Do Button and Note are now available for Apple Watch. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, Do puts creative control of over 180 Channels right on your iOS devices. Do Button empowers you to create your own personalized button with just a tap. Save time and control the world around you with Recipes that connect your button to Philips Hue, Google Drive, Nest Thermostat, and hundreds of Channels you use every day.

Add up to 3 Recipes at a time and swipe between them to quickly change what your button does.

If this than that for Apple WATCH

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Clear is clear on the Apple Watch

If you’ve been keeping a keen eye on your Apple Watch order status, we’ve got some great news for you: the latest update to Clear includes support for Apple Watch and is waiting for you on the App Store! Clear for Apple Watch is the best way to stay productive on the go, showing your lists from Clear on your iPhone and allowing you to complete tasks, and add new tasks and reminders using dictation.

Even if you’re not getting an Apple Watch, this update adds two of the most frequently-requested features to Clear: Interactive Notifications, and Handoff. These two features allow you to complete reminders directly from notifications on iOS or Apple Watch, and quickly switch between Clear on Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

clear apple watch app

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Watch Band puts a band on your wrist

Introducing Watch Band - a fun and exciting new app for the Apple Watch that puts a entire rock band on your wrist. Choose from an assortment of instruments like guitars, drums, loops…even an 88 key piano!  Get your wrist Rockin’! Watch Band turns the Apple Watch into an amazing new musical instrument that users will love once they try it.  High quality samples are included to keep everything sounding great.

- Guitar Chords
- Drums Pads
- Rhythm Loops
- A Full 88 Key Piano!

rock with your wrist watch band app for apple watch

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Apple Pay Outperforming PayPal in Mobile Payments

A new survey from 451 Research finds Apple Pay gaining momentum in the mobile payments space, primarily at the expense of PayPal.

“Our latest survey shows planned use of Apple Pay has been on an upward trajectory since it became available six months ago – with the service helping to spark consumer demand for mobile payment technologies,” said Andy Golub, Survey Research Director for 451 Research. “Although consumer perceptions of security remain an issue, the results point to marked improvements in this area.”

The March survey, conducted by 451 Research’s ChangeWave service, consisted of 4,168 respondents primarily based in North America, and looked at planned use of mobile payment applications and the issue of security.

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Made in the USA: Dual dock Apple WATCH charger from Dodocase

The all new Dodocase Dual Charging Dock is a perfect solution for both your iPhone and Apple WATCH. It’s shaped like a booklet which makes it also a perfect travel companion. The dock is handmade from fine materials and Apple’s inductive MagSafe charger is seamlessly united into the wooden dock, enabling your watch to lay flat while your phone slides into a carved divot perfectly angled for optimal viewing capability.

The book features a hidden compartment beneath the Birch tray to store cables, headphones, and extra watch straps. When not in use, close the cover and everything disappears into the disguise of a book. The Charging Dock Organizer will become your essential bedside table companion or desktop accessory featuring traditional craftsmanship for today’s modern technology.

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