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Watch Band puts a band on your wrist

Introducing Watch Band - a fun and exciting new app for the Apple Watch that puts a entire rock band on your wrist. Choose from an assortment of instruments like guitars, drums, loops…even an 88 key piano!  Get your wrist Rockin’! Watch Band turns the Apple Watch into an amazing new musical instrument that users will love once they try it.  High quality samples are included to keep everything sounding great.

- Guitar Chords
- Drums Pads
- Rhythm Loops
- A Full 88 Key Piano!

rock with your wrist watch band app for apple watch

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Apple Pay Outperforming PayPal in Mobile Payments

A new survey from 451 Research finds Apple Pay gaining momentum in the mobile payments space, primarily at the expense of PayPal.

“Our latest survey shows planned use of Apple Pay has been on an upward trajectory since it became available six months ago – with the service helping to spark consumer demand for mobile payment technologies,” said Andy Golub, Survey Research Director for 451 Research. “Although consumer perceptions of security remain an issue, the results point to marked improvements in this area.”

The March survey, conducted by 451 Research’s ChangeWave service, consisted of 4,168 respondents primarily based in North America, and looked at planned use of mobile payment applications and the issue of security.

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Made in the USA: Dual dock Apple WATCH charger from Dodocase

The all new Dodocase Dual Charging Dock is a perfect solution for both your iPhone and Apple WATCH. It’s shaped like a booklet which makes it also a perfect travel companion. The dock is handmade from fine materials and Apple’s inductive MagSafe charger is seamlessly united into the wooden dock, enabling your watch to lay flat while your phone slides into a carved divot perfectly angled for optimal viewing capability.

The book features a hidden compartment beneath the Birch tray to store cables, headphones, and extra watch straps. When not in use, close the cover and everything disappears into the disguise of a book. The Charging Dock Organizer will become your essential bedside table companion or desktop accessory featuring traditional craftsmanship for today’s modern technology.

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Sales stats and others on your Apple WATCH

Since the invention of wristwatches, people have been glancing at them to track time; a changing number thats universally important to everyone. Cynapse believes the logical step for a smart watch is to enable its user to track other changing numbers that are more personal and uniquely relevant to the user. So they set out with a mission to design a unique personal experience for Numerics on the Apple Watch to help our users better engage with their important numbers. Because, what is a smart watch without a great app that drives the user to strap it on everyday.

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Another Apple WATCH copycat on Amazon - the aiwatch

Here we go again, after the WWT clone, here is another piece of creative design. The aiwatch, so funny that you might mistake with the iWatch, the first prototype name for the real Apple WATCH. What shocks me is that you can buy it on, just waiting for a removal request from Apple, or what?

I will add a screenshot here in case it will be removed.

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Galaxy Feud - Old School Turn-based Fun

“The world is in disarray and little hope shines on mankind, until now” Galaxy Feud throws away the pen and paper and reinvents old school Battleship into an exciting new platform. This free to play app lets you wage war against friends, AI or random opponents from around the world.

Galaxy Feud was conceived by Martin Soederhamn and Tyler VanKanan who live at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder Colorado.  The original idea for Galaxy Feud was a spin-off of the beloved pen and paper game Battleship from the 1930’s. Galaxy Feud is an adventure through space, taking place in an apocalyptic future, where earth has been destroyed and evil corporations fight for sovereignty.

In Galaxy Feud, the protagonist takes control of a fleet of five unique spacecraft. The objective of the game is to remain hidden, while locating and destroying the opposing player’s ships.

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Canary the advanced home security and quality monitoring system

We’ve seen already several home security systems which can be monitored with via the iPhone, but Canary brings this to a whole new level. Canary on which we reported in 2013 for their 1.25M in startup funding achievement, has now turned this investor’s cash in a real working product that just arrived in the Amazon store right there waiting for you.

Why is Canary different than the current systems you might ask?

Canary protects you from more than break-ins; it also looks after your well-being at home. Their HomeHealth Technology monitors air quality, temperature, and humidity. You’ll not only be more comfortable—you’ll be more prepared to avoid safety issues like poor sleep, mold growth, and respiratory problems. It all adds up to a smarter system and a safer, more comfortable home.

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Apple WATCH Edition preorder already sold on eBay for 15,161 USD

The auction had 21 bids and is closed already for GBP 10,200.00 or 15,161 USD or 13,891 Euro, its description is as follows: 100% GENUINE - directly ordered from Apple! I will be selling an apple watch gold edition 38mm. I will pre order the watch for you! You should receive the watch On the day of release (26th April) I am selling every variety of watch at the same price so choose the watch you want and message me your selection where I will deliver it to you. Watch released date estimated 24th april. The auction cost includes the pre order fee and the iWatch itself! Great deal to make sure you are one of the first people with this great watch. If you want 42mm versions of this watch you will have to send me an additional £1500 via paypal. RRP of 38mm 18k Gold edition iWatch is £10000. The watch options are:

The 18-carat rose gold with white Sport Band 38 mm
The 18-carat yellow gold with black Sport Band 38 mm

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Bandstand the cool Apple WATCH Stand

I remember when I bought the first iPad somewhere in April 2010 just after it came out first in the USA. I bought two of them from a Nato army guy who could import them via the military shipped by their internal mail service. That was 3 months before the gadget was sold in most EU countries, where it came out in the summer. Then accessory makers didn’t have many products out yet because it was only presented to the press in January that year. A friend of mine who is handy and at that time building his own plane, had the idea to create a aluminum Dock for the iPad one, so we could browse and type faster on it. We even had it laser cut the Apple Logo but quickly realized this was not done because of legal issues.

Anyway now that the Apple WATCH is announced so far ahead of the real product launch, the first cool accessories are already popping up left and right. One of them is this Bandstand, I think it looks kind of industrial cool. You can order it now and have it in the summer shipped to you, that is not too far away.

Apple Watch Bandstand night table charger

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Muse – or how to keep 100,000 Paintings organized in your phone

Art buff? You might not want to miss this. Muse is a new app that lets you browse artworks from museums, blogs and auction houses from all over the world. You do not need to leave your apartment to enjoy some of the best paintings and sculptures, both old and new. All of the artworks are also accompanied by a neat description that allows you to learn more about it. If you have a favorite genre or artist, you can also explore in depth in the “Artists” or “Browse” sections.

When you see an artwork you like, you can save it to your own gallery. If you keep doing that, soon enough you will have a mobile gallery curated all by yourself.

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