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iPhone 5 hands-on Maps Turn-by-Turn navigation video

Are you also eagerly waiting to get your hands on the new iPhone 5 with its ultra fast render power to give you the ultimate Mapping sensation. For sure we do and we found this video already online. The Map details are absolutely stunning and the animations are super smooth to say the least. Like Apple describes it themselves;

Beautifully designed from the ground up (and the sky down), Maps changes the way you see the world. Map elements are vector based, so graphics and text are incredibly detailed — even when you zoom all the way in — and panning is smooth. Tilt and rotate to view an area, and Maps keeps the names of streets and places where they belong. Get visual and spoken turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates. Even soar over cityscapes to see the sights from the air in amazing, high-resolution quality.

Maps hands on turn-by-turn navigation video iOS6 iPhone 5

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CoPilot Live GPS app works with iOS 6 Maps and iPhone 5

Now that GPS Turn-by-Turn Voice Navigation is a default feature in the upcoming iOS 6 release, many SatNav App developers are getting a bit nervous about their current business model. Why would a user pay a premium price for a default Apple feature? The makers of CoPilot Live have been thinking likewise and came with the solution to integrate the application with Apple’s Maps App. Also in the future they will bring innovative features that keeps their navigation solution attractive and superior to the standard Maps navigation experience.

CoPilot Live iOS6 iPhone 5

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Read this before buying the iPhone 5 - Limitations visualized [Update Jan 29, 2013]

iPhonetunes, Brussels - Sept 14 2012.

Doesn’t the iPhone 5 looks like a true jewel when browsing Apple’s iPhone site? Beautifully rendered and build with an unprecedented precision, a craftsmanship which appears to be exercised by only the best Suisse watch makers. It supports the fastest mobile networks in the world. Normally Apple appends the S to the iPhone numbers to emphasise its speed (iPhone 3G -> iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 -> iPhone 4S). They can stop doing this S labelling in the future because making an iPhone 5S would almost imply that the current iPhone 5 was slow, which it isn’t.

Anyway Apple has also printed quite some small prints on their iPhone 5 promotion site. They contain important information which you should read or know before buying the iPhone 5, maybe if you didn’t even own an iPhone 4S before, it also could be a good alternative to buy. I will explain you why and I visualised the small prints in maps.

maps app on the new iPhone iOS6 iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 - Our opinion - Keynote is Live!

Yesterday the commercial presentation of Jony Ive was already on the site and today also the full Keynote, check it out, it is really worth viewing it to get the best impression of the new iPhone 5. It’s the first time that before an iPhone release so much has leaked already in the press. This makes me wonder if Apple should stick to super secrecy if it doesn’t work in the end. It kind of only makes the announcement more disappointing because you expect more. Although this time they didn’t lost the iPhone in a bar which happend with the iPhone 4.

Anyway I have mixed feelings about it because there wasn’t really a big new feature like for instance Siri which came with the iPhone 4S. Okay maybe the ultra fast wireless, but for this we are dependant on our providers. If I understood the keynote correctly Phil Schiller talked about HSDPA speed in Europe which is only one quarter to fourty percent of the LTE speed.

different telecom speeds iOS6 iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 drama unfolding in a few hours - Coverage sites listed

Are you ready for the iPhone 5 keynote coverage in a few hours? I am. Everybody has asked me this week if I will buy the new iPhone or not. I have been thinking about this for a while now and at first I decided to wait and see, because the new connector breaks with my Mini Cooper integration. I need to replace the connector cable in the car and the armrest needs an upgrade when it is available. On the other hand I know myself and after seeing the keynote I will stand in line in a few days/weeks later.

Android iOS6 iPhone 5 img source

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New YouTube native app rocks

From today on, you can download the official YouTube application for iPhone and iPod Touch from the iTunes App Store,it brings you more videos and more ways to share with other people.

The new application has been created by the engineers from YouTube to give iPhone and iPod Touch users the best mobile experience. This is all you’ll find in the new application:

Google presents the new YouTube app for iPhone

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Unlock Photo Mosaic Mode with Part™ - Free & Exclusive Features for a Limited Time

From the team that gave you iSupr8 & 4 top 10 photo apps - here’s a huge update for Part™. FREE to Download Now for a limited time! If you’re a fan of Part’s “tap-to-divide” interface for creating mosaics from your photos you’ll love this new update - Now you can create pictures from pictures! Part™ is like no other photo mosaic or collage app ever made in the history of art. With real time creative touch control - swipe control.

Part mosaic photo effect iOS6 iPhone 5

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Gaze Stars even cooler with Star Walk 6.0

Vito Technology is proud to announce a major upgrade to its Star Walk app - the augmented reality app for spotting over 200,000 stars, planets, constellations, satellites and galaxies in the night sky. The new version has been released for Back to School season and includes amazing visual effects of sunset and sunrise, new Info for objects, stunning galleries of astronomy pictures from ESO and ESA, and easy sharing options.

Star Walk 6.0 iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Warning! Almost perfect iPhone 4S Clone discovered

iPhonetunes / Brussels

iPhone 3GS clone with stylus, check
iPhone 4 clone one, two, three and four, check
iPhone 4S clone, check

Over the years we have discovered several fake iPhones on the market. Most of them were bought in Asia by some of our traveling friends, others were sold in Spain. The models we had in our hands so far were fairly easy to recognise as counterfeit, they don’t have the same dimensions or weight or they have USB connectors instead of the typical Apple connector and even a stylus. Remember Steve Jobs Stylus quote during the iPhone OS 4 event?. Once the fake smartphones are fired up you notice immediately that the interface is not the same and the touch screens are far less responsive to slide and touch actions.

iPhone 4S Clone Fake

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Protect Apps from accessing your System Files - tsProtector PFB

tsProtector PFB 0.0.1b is an application still in beta phase that has already been launched in Cydia. This tweak will protect your important system files from applications in the App Store that attempt to access them. How? tsProtector PFB intercepts the File System access and will notify you with an alert when an application is trying to retrieve confidential information. The user can then decide whether to allow the app to access this information or to block access.

tsProjector PFB iOS6 iPhone 4S

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