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$10.000 First Gen Sealed iPhone Reoffered on eBay

Brussels / iPhonetunes

I am sure that many of you know already the story about the First Gen iPhone that was still sealed in the original box and was offered on eBay for $10.000 (buy it now). Actually there were two on eBay around the same time. Just for fun I started following them to see what would be the ending bid.

One had a final bid of US $10.099,00 and is now reoffered, check it out here.

It has a minimum price now of $4000.

iPhone first gen sealed in box on ebay for $10.000 iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Intro Thing - Combine motion with freeze to make great intro videos

3909 LLC is pleased to announce the August 24th release of Intro Thing, a unique new video app that combines filmed motion, momentary freeze frames, and music to create slick character introduction videos. Using techniques seen in movies like “Snatch”, “The A-Team”, “Three Musketeers”, and more, Intro Thing generates stylish introduction sequences that can be easily edited, previewed, and shared with others directly from the iPhone.

into Thing iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Be part of the hip city guide creation with UNLIKE

Covering the ever-evolving topography of local coolness, Unlike pioneered the insider’s guide to a multitude of international destinations. Founded in 2008 in Berlin, it established itself with premium-quality editorial and comprehensive listings encompassing everything from high-end restaurants, to avant-garde architecture, and underground clubs.

After a period of hibernation, Unlike is back with a fully redesigned website, free mobile apps for iPhone and Windows Phone, and listings for a clutch of new cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Warsaw.

UNLIKE cool city guides iOS6 iPhone 4S

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BulkyPix all new iOS lineup for the coming months

Check out below the complete new line-up from the iOS software powerhouse BulkyPix. BulkyPix became well now in the iPhone Universe in 2010 with Saving Private Sheep and have over 100 iOS games in iTunes already. Below you can see the line-up for the coming Fall and Winter.

Soldier VS Aliens - September,13 - 2012

Soldier VS Aliens Bulkpix iOS6 iPhone 4S

In a distant future, mankind has colonized dozens of galaxies and is convinced it rules unopposed over outer space—that is, until far-out, intimidating space creatures are discovered who happen to be… hostile toward man!
Soldier Vs. Aliens, a brand-new shooter game developed by Bulkypix Studios, plunges you into the center of a merciless tug-of-war between a trigger-happy mercenary marine and aliens firmly determined to lay their eggs in the deepest recesses of space and feed…on YOU!

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Living Earth HD 2.0 - Enjoy earth’s beauty while it happens

Mobile developer radiantlabs announced today Living Earth HD 2.0, a major update to its highly acclaimed world clock and weather app for iOS devices. Living Earth HD 2.0 features a stunning 3D simulation of our planet with live cloud patterns, hurricanes, and tropical storms in addition to global weather forecasts, and world clock for millions of cities around the world. Named by The New York Times as a Top 10 iPad app for 2011, Living Earth HD 2.0 lets users visualize our planet in beautiful detail.

Living Earth HD 2.0 iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Stunning Trailer from Galaxy on Fire 2 - Supernova

Among others, the trailer will provide a spectacular sneak peek at the gamma-poisoned Supernova system complete with burning space stations and an animated skybox as well as tons of other red-hot features and assets such as new weapons, space ships or power-ups.

Simultaneously to the release of the trailer, the award-winning Hamburg-based gaming studio has also announced a lightly delayed release date for Supernova™. Due to the extremely complex testing scenario brought about by the title’s concurrent release in SD, HD and Full HD for iOS and Mac OS, the developer decided to postpone the launch of the new add-on to September 2012 in order to guarantee all fans of the Galaxy on Fire™ saga an unprecedented sci-fi gaming experience in the usual Fishlabs quality.

GAlaxy on Fire 2 Supernova iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Readdle Turns 5: Best apps on 70% sale

Readdle turns 5! 70% sale. Once a Year. 48 hours only.

Grab the best productivity apps for your iPhone & iPad.

Readdle Turns 5: Best apps on 70% sale

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Exclusive Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - Sale!

Since the release of the new Supernova™ add-on is getting closer and closer, Fishlabs Entertainment has dropped the price for Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD by 50 percent for the second time ever. Hence, the award-winning open space saga for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad will be available for purchase on the App Store for $ 4,99 / € 3,99 / £ 2,99 only until August 6th, 2012.

Exclusive Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - Sale!

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Navigon Europe 2.1 adds Cockpit and Google Street View

Brussels / iPhonetunes

Satnav iPhone app providers are feeling the heat now that Apple has demonstrated their latest Maps technology in the keynote for iOS 6. The iPhone inventor is not only replacing Google Maps with their own mapping app but also adding Turn-by-Turn Voice Instructions. With the release of Sygic Aura I already suggested Apple to buy it and include it into iOS to keep up with Google Android Maps offerings. Guess What? They did a few years later. The result is showing similarities, 3D buidings that fade in and out when approaching, a round circle around the Cursor showing your position.

Navigon has recently been bought by Garmin and maybe it was not the best investment done, unless they can keep the application really *more* appealing and worth the extra money. Nothing can beat free.

Navigon 2.1 Europe Street View Cockpit iOS6 iPhone 4SNavigon 2.1 Europe Street View Cockpit iOS6 iPhone 4S

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20 Cool Siri Add-Ons in Cydia

Brussels / iPhonetunes

Are you still using Siri that much like you used to do in the beginning? Me yes and even more and more, first it felt a bit awkward to talk to Siri, but I got used to it and now it is becoming a second nature. I use it mostly for setting timers, alarms and calling people.

Maybe when Siri is also location aware in Europe, like announced in the last Keynote by Scott Forstall - Senior Vice President of iOS Software - I will also start using it for those kind of things. If you want to see the complete list of Siri’s questions / answers, just check out this part of our site. By the way, in iOS 6 which will be released together with the new ‘iPhone 5’ by end of the summer, Siri will also speak and understand the following more languages; Canadian French and English, Korean, Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin and the 3 Swiss languages (Why not Portuguese (6th World Language), anyone?)

For the people with to jailbroken iPhones, I have compiled a list of apps in the Cydia Store which enhance Siri.

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