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New beautiful iOS 8 weather widget and HD clock

eWeather HD is a visually stunning, feature-rich weather app and iOS 8 weather widget for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Get accurate weather conditions and ten-day forecasts, high-resolution animated radar and satellite, severe weather maps and push alerts, temperature on your home screen, sea surface temperatures, multi-layered weather maps and more!

eWeather HD is an elegant, easy-to-use and powerful forecast application. It combines ten day and hourly forecasts from two weather sources with a beautiful radar images and unique “weather wheel” interface. eWeather HD uses the latest technology to show the current temperature right on the home screen and notification center.

iOS 8 weather widget iPhone

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Navigon 2.9 optimized for the bigger iPhone 6 & 6 Plus screens

Our favorite GPS application has been changed to make use of the bigger screens on the new iPhones. The iPhone 6 Plus is especially more attractive now you can put this huge screen in your car. There aren’t that much new apps yet that use the extra screen estate. So if you aren’t using it yet, get it in the app store, you will not regret it and otherwise it might have been updated in the background and you didn’t even noticed it. Time to fire-up the app on your next road trip.

Navigon 2.9 is updated for the bigger iPhone 6 plus screen

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Galaxy on Fire grosses another gameplay mode in GoF Alliances

One of the most striking characteristics of the Warzone mode is the specific design of the respective star maps, which are more compact than the regular maps and hold no more than 1,000 players each. Starting in one of 12 outer spawn clusters, these particularly dauntless players lay claim to the “Inner Realm” of the map, which hosts the most valuable planets and citadels. Naturally, this is also the place where the most hard-fought battles take place and where we might even find the one alliance that is strong enough to dominate an entire server all on their own—an undertaking that is easier said than done.

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The real reason why the iPhone 6 (Plus) bends

Just after the most successful smartphone launch in history to date, #bendgate was the trending topic on the anti-social media. The first adapters needed to inform themselves swiftly, because all of their friends and mom suddenly started interrogating them about this “design error” and they’d to defend their appalling phone purchase on top of the fact that most features were already in 2 year old Androids. Did Apple made the new iPhones too thin for the beauty of aesthetics, and from aluminium instead of Samsung-plastic™?

Apple had to come out with an official statement and so it happend, they even introduced the collective press to the unrevealed Cupertino testing facilities, something they’d also done after the iPhone 4 #antennagate. They came with the following statement;

bent iPhone 6

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First shoot pictures THEN set Exposure and Focus with iOS 8 MultiCam APP

Set Focus/Exposure AFTER taking photo! MultiCam app changes way of taking good photos. So far you had to first set focus, exposure, then take a photo. MultiCam reverses this process - you take photos first, and then adjust focus/exposure anytime!  To achieve this our app uses unique iOS 8 features - manual focus and exposure and captures series of photos.

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Impressions iPhone 6 sales London

The Regent street Apple Store is situated in the hart of West-End shopping frenzy. At the time of the fist opening of the store it was the biggest Apple store on the European continent. This weekend one of our friends was so kind to send in some pictures from his visit to the store.

The people queuing all have pre-ordered the new iPhones, no iPhones yet for regular shoppers. The first sales and preordering started in the UK already 10 days after the presentation in Cupertino. The sales seem to go better then their live event streaming fiasco.

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Red Bull Air Race - is racing into the app store with 3 million downloads

Red Bull Air Race – The Game from Red Bull Media House has taken off to a terrific start and has landed in the top 10 of the download charts for racing games in over 100 countries. In the first few days following the initial release on September 12th, the game was downloaded over half a million times, and reached over 3 million downloads in just 10 days.

redbull air race iphone 6 plus

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inRoute Brings Multiple Location Routes to Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze

Carnation, Washington - Carob Apps, LLC today is proud to announce the release of inRoute 3.0, an update to their popular navigation app for iOS devices. inRoute can find the optimal route between many locations or help you chart your own course based on weather, elevation, curviness, daylight and places along the route. Then navigate using your favorite apps, which inRoute enhances to support multi-location routes.

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Tanktastic receives major overhaul

The latest update for Tanktastic, the team-based 3D mobile tank action game, is now available for both iOS and Android devices. Players will be able to enjoy hours of gripping tank battles and heroic achievements with the game’s five new tanks, aircrafts, and helicopters. The update also boasts brand new maps, camouflage patterns, and features such as clan treasury, voice chat, and daily bonuses for regular players.

tanktastic update for iOS 8, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

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Star Clash - good looking puzzle fighter for iOS

Star Clash is the ultimate unique anime combat game. Player has to battle awesome enemies with the fast, addictive StarTapper battle mechanic to level up their characters and customize their gear. We’ve worked very hard to assure there is nothing like it on the App store and your readers will enjoy reading about it. The art will definitely grab their attention and the gameplay will engage them.

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