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Exclusive Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - Sale!

Since the release of the new Supernova™ add-on is getting closer and closer, Fishlabs Entertainment has dropped the price for Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD by 50 percent for the second time ever. Hence, the award-winning open space saga for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad will be available for purchase on the App Store for $ 4,99 / € 3,99 / £ 2,99 only until August 6th, 2012.

Exclusive Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - Sale!

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Navigon Europe 2.1 adds Cockpit and Google Street View

Brussels / iPhonetunes

Satnav iPhone app providers are feeling the heat now that Apple has demonstrated their latest Maps technology in the keynote for iOS 6. The iPhone inventor is not only replacing Google Maps with their own mapping app but also adding Turn-by-Turn Voice Instructions. With the release of Sygic Aura I already suggested Apple to buy it and include it into iOS to keep up with Google Android Maps offerings. Guess What? They did a few years later. The result is showing similarities, 3D buidings that fade in and out when approaching, a round circle around the Cursor showing your position.

Navigon has recently been bought by Garmin and maybe it was not the best investment done, unless they can keep the application really *more* appealing and worth the extra money. Nothing can beat free.

Navigon 2.1 Europe Street View Cockpit iOS6 iPhone 4SNavigon 2.1 Europe Street View Cockpit iOS6 iPhone 4S

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20 Cool Siri Add-Ons in Cydia

Brussels / iPhonetunes

Are you still using Siri that much like you used to do in the beginning? Me yes and even more and more, first it felt a bit awkward to talk to Siri, but I got used to it and now it is becoming a second nature. I use it mostly for setting timers, alarms and calling people.

Maybe when Siri is also location aware in Europe, like announced in the last Keynote by Scott Forstall - Senior Vice President of iOS Software - I will also start using it for those kind of things. If you want to see the complete list of Siri’s questions / answers, just check out this part of our site. By the way, in iOS 6 which will be released together with the new ‘iPhone 5’ by end of the summer, Siri will also speak and understand the following more languages; Canadian French and English, Korean, Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin and the 3 Swiss languages (Why not Portuguese (6th World Language), anyone?)

For the people with to jailbroken iPhones, I have compiled a list of apps in the Cydia Store which enhance Siri.

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EMERGENCY - unleash the inner hero in you - Coming Soon!

Quadriga Games and Serious Games Solutions today announced the release of the globally successful real-time strategy game EMERGENCY for the iPad. The game will be available for download in the App Store as of July 11 2012. In EMERGENCY, players take on the role of the commanding officer and must coordinate rescue workers in 13 catastrophe scenarios.

EMERGENCY rescue game iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Fishlabs - Sports Car Challenge received the exclusive Audi R8 GT Spyder

Volkswagen (China) and Fishlabs Entertainment keep expanding the exclusive car pool of their 3D high-end racing simulation Sports Car Challenge for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In the course of another content update the two brand game partners have now added another one-of-a-kind supercar to the game, namely the rakish Audi R8 GT Spyder. Strictly limited to 333 models worldwide, this lightning-swift convertible is one of the rarest and most sought-after roadsters on the market.

Audi R8 GT Spyder iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Snap Clap: Clap to Snap Photos for iOS

DS Corporation, s.r.o. announces Snap Clap 1.1 for iOS - the application that has made a breakthrough in photography. Users don’t have to miss on pictures just to click the shutter button on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. All magic is done by clapping hands.

Developed by DS Corporation, revolutionary Snap Clap application resolves the painful problem affecting people all around the world: nobody has to be that unlucky fall guy who does not appear on pictures doing a non-paid photographer job. By taking simple steps everybody can capture the most awesome moments spent together with their friends. All users should do - is just place their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad wherever they want and clap their hands.

slapclap hands-free photos iOS6 iPhone 4S

Download the app in the App Store

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Rodman FT is a new benchmark for iPhone game graphics

Developed using the latest available hardware and software, Rodman FT is a revolutionary basketball game released today for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
It has a unique visual style never before seen on any platform – it is completely photorealistic. It was built using the advanced Unity 3D Game Engine and footage of Dennis Rodman shooting free throws. Dennis was shot at 5k resolution and at an incredible 96fps using the latest Epic cameras from Red (the same cameras used to shoot Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”).

Ordman FT iOS6 iPhone 4SOrdman FT iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Human Defense: Fight viruses on your iPhone or iPad!

Heliceum, a company specialized in the development and publishing of digital content for smartphones and tablets, proudly announces the release of its first video game: Human Defense . This tower defense game that takes place inside the human body is available now on the App Store for $1.99 on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Created by Heliceum, (creators of the world-famous Faker$ application with over 900,000 downloads) Human Defense is a smart mix of action and strategy in which you discover the human body like never before. Protect your vital organs from dangerous viral attacks!

Human defense iOS6 iPhone 4SHuman defense iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings - Retina iPad 3 supported

Getting a rich painting from a generous stranger sounds like a nice surprise, but turns out to be a guileful plan to kidnap a child in G5’s latest totally enchanting adventure, Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings, now available at the App Store. G5 Games’ Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings is a top-notch puzzling adventure that has bedazzled casual game fans and critics with its glorious artwork and fascinating gameplay. The iOS version has been optimized to push the specs of Apple’s iPad 3 Retina Display and the game will bedazzle gamers who love hidden object games with its crisp graphics.

Lost Souls iOS6 iPhone 4S

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60 Seconds Football: Euro 2012 thrills in 1 minute

Quirky Enterprises is pleased to announce the release of the updated 60 Seconds Football app, version 1.1, available for iPhone and iPad. The game combines the greatest sport known to man with socially interactive gaming. 60 Seconds Football has been designed specifically for passionate football fans. Users test their accuracy and agility by seeing how many goals they can score in 60 seconds through headers and volleys.

60 Seconds Football Euro 2012 iOS6 iPhone 4S60 Seconds Football Euro 2012 iOS6 iPhone 4S

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