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Betting World Cup matches? Increase your chances with Footballian

Footballian analyses football matches precisely in betting views. It provides powerful tools and well-presented information that help you to identify value bets and make sensible betting selections. They Rate. They Predict. You Win.

Whether you want to find out how your favourite team performed, or to spot the winning betting trends, Footballian is your best mate. The app covers the world’s most popular football competitions with comprehensive details. EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League and many more!

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Save battery when on WiFi with Smart 3G + LTE Cydia app

Smart 3G is a tweak that allows you to save battery by disabling Data (and 3G) when you have a working WiFi connection (connected and internet is reachable). But immediately after losing or disabling the WiFi connection, Data (and 3G) will be turned back on to avoid losing your internet connection and receive important messages.

When you spend a lot of time at home and work where you always have WiFi, it makes sense to disable 3G data. The app costs $1.5 at the time of the writing.

save battery with smart 3g on wifi networks cydia app store jailbreak

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The Public Zoo-Mobile Speaker-Eye Patch Hickup

The bēm wireless Mobile Speaker let’s you hear what you want, when and where you want, without the old limits of space (put it anywhere), time (pair & play in moments), appearances (three cool or cute colors with The Public Zoo designs), cost, or size. In fact, it measures barely 2.5” cubed—that’s slightly smaller than a tennis ball, so when you bring it to the court, it’s less intrusive than your water bottle.

bluetooth wireless speaker bem iphone 6

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Pedal to the Metal with the Audi R8 LMS

Deep Silver FISHLABS, the Hamburg-based mobile games studio behind the 16MM-downloads-strong Sports Car Challenge series, has just released another content update for its figurehead brand game Sports Car Challenge 2. As of today, the critically acclaimed racing simulation’s exclusive car pool welcomes its 17th high-profile addition, namely the Audi R8 LMS. Proved and tested legends of the speedway, the boisterous racing machines of the R8 LMS range have gathered up a multitude of accomplishments, including 115 victories and 12 national or international titles, since their debut in 2009.

Audi R8 LMS

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Want Pup Want Puppy Paws

Puppy Paws today introduces Puppy Paws 1.0.0, their new lifestyle app for iOS devices. Puppy Paws allows anyone to compile a list, compare and identify their perfect puppy. It helps ensure both you and your puppy get off to the best possible start and helps to promote use of rescue shelters and better dog breeding. The app also provides info to help educate new owners about the awful use of puppy farms & traders with an aim to help eradicate this practise whilst promoting better dog breeding.

Get a new puppy and puppy paws for iOS7

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Cool 80’s Cassette Player Vintape app

B&G’s Vintape app replaces the modern music player on an iOS device with a funky cassette player interface. Users can choose from a number of different cassette skins to make the experience their own. The cassette player experience can be as vintage as the user wants. Users can rewind or fast-forward the cassette tape with a rotation gesture. The gesture mimics the gesture used when actually turning the dials of a real cassette tape. Users are also able to enable background tape noise, so the music sounds as if it originated off of a real cassette tape. Of course, if users prefer not to hear the hiss of the tape, it can be disabled.

Vinape cassette player for iOS iPhone iPad

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Test the Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 & VW Scirocco R in Sports Car Challenge 2

On Sunday, April 20th, 2014, the Hamburg-based mobile games developers of Deep Silver FISHLABS added two high-profile models to the illustrious car pool of the popular premium racing simulation Sports Car Challenge 2. In the course of a free, iOS-exclusive content update that went live on the App Store two days ago, the sharp Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 as well as the brawny Volkswagen Scirocco R got introduced into the critically acclaimed brand game. In real life, both models are currently being showcased to the public for the first time ever at the 13th International Automobile Exhibition in Beijing, China.

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Enter a new Bluetooth era with Jawbone’s ERA for iPhone

The new ERA Bluetooth headset makes it easy to navigate today’s fast-paced, mobile world. It fits into your life seamlessly, so you can make the most of every moment and every conversation.

ERA is the smallest, lightest, most comfortable headset we’ve ever created. Advanced ear fittings create a secure fit so it’s comfortable enough to wear all day. The sleek charging case more than doubles its four hours of talk time, so you’ll always have power, even on the go.

Jawbone ERA bluetooth head set for iPhone many colors

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CoinVault - A Fun Way To Store Your Coins

Jeremy Ware, the creator of the popular price guide CoinBook Pro, today announces his latest app, CoinVault for iPhone. CoinVault allows you to easily store your coin collection on your iOS device.

With almost one million apps in the Store, it’s hard to find an app that provides something truly unique and isn’t collecting electronic dust a month later. Whether you are a coin collecting newbie or a seasoned numismatist, look no further than CoinVault.

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Maya the Bee resurrects with a touch of your finger

Studio 100 and video game developer and publisher BulkyPix proudly announce the release of Maya the Bee: The Ant’s Quest on the App Store and Google Play on March 27.  In this new appearance in video game, famous character created in the 70’s will astonish players of all generations with a tribute to universal strategy games like seminal Pikmin™.

The Ant Queen has been infected by a strange virus. Time is running out and player must act as quickly as possible or the anthill will languish. The Queen needs your services: bring back all the necessary fruits to concoct her healing potion.

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