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Forgot your iPhone’s passcode? Not so obvious to solve

Last week I was added to the list of proud new iPhone 5 owners. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, so I fired up the phone, connected it to iTunes to restore from a previous backup. Once restored, I typed in my old passcode and TADA!; The “Wrong Passcode - try again” error was flashing in red on the new beautiful 4 inch retina display. Even errors look good on this screen. It turned out to be a backup from my daughter’s iPhone which I restored erroneously, one of which I don’t have the passcode. No-brainer I thought, just reinstall iOS 6 and boom. Well, there was no boom but again an iTunes error.

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Steve Jobs’ Yacht is ready - Christened as Venus

Those who have read the book “Steve Jobs” know that Steve was working on the design of his new vessel, even while he knew that he might never see it in real life because of his sickness. But is was important for him to start his own new private project. This multimillion dollar Yacht is completed now by a Dutch company, just one year after his death.

The boat is 80 meters / 272 feet long and is stuffed full of Apple gadgets. Amongst others it contains 7 iMacs. The boat is made of a special lightweight aluminium. Maybe the same iPhone 5 aluminium?

CoPilot Live iOS6 iPhone 5
image (C)

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Project Holy Shield by DogBox Studio becomes Journey to Hell - Making of Video

This November, discover Journey to Hell, a post-apocalyptic TPS with incredible 3D graphics and gripping content.  Seven maps, each with their own special atmosphere, plus a unique “real-time render” sound engine developed by AudioGaming and a soundtrack composed especially for the game are only a few of Journey to Hell’s many cool features. Playing as Gabriel and Rachel, two members of the secret organization Holy Shield, you’ll behead, dismember and disembowel daemons as varied as they are terrifying!  When the carnage is over, they’ll surely beat a hasty return to the festering darkness from whence they came.

Journey to hell iOS6 iPhone 5

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Apple Store just went offline - updating new goodies

Just a few seconds ago around 15:05 CEST or GMT +1, we were triggered by the offline notification of the Apple Store. New iPad Minis are expected, they are just a little bigger than the other 7 Inch pads like the Nexus 7. Also probably a little more expensive. The new Mini iPads most likely have the new iPhone 5 aluminium finish.

We will be back Apple Store iOS6 iPhone 5

Furthermore expect a new iPad 4(?) with the new lightning adapter and maybe SSD size upgrades. There are rumours floating around stating that the iMac is also getting a new make-over.

Exciting times to be a Apple fan, and all just in time for the holiday season to give Apple a new all time record financial quarter.

Siri, ?????????????????????????????

That should mean according to google translate; Siri, where can I eat good sushi around here? And Siri should answer perfectly now. Today is the big day for many Asian people to talk even more to Siri than before. Apple has taught Siri, Local Search, Directions and Restaurant information to the already pre-announced countries; Japan, Hong Hong and South Korea. The big surprise here is that they have also implemented these 3 features secretly in China.

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Little Pocket Book - Beautiful iPhone 5 Protection

Pad & Quill have managed to upgrade their famous Little Pocket Books to the new iPhone 5 line smart phone. The production is on cruising speed and you can already pre-order one. The shipping date depends on the colors you choose apparently. The brown books ship the week November 5 for instance.

The Little Pocket Book has luxurious genuine leather inside and out, and it costs $ 54.99 ($5 discount). So if you want to add some luxury coolness to protect your iPhone 5, or just want to have the perfect holiday gift, don’t wait too long with ordering one.

Here are the details;

Little Pocket Book Pad & Quill iOS6

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When you don’t buy the iPhone 5 - Upgrade at least to EarPods

Because I already sold my iPhone 4S this week, I also lost my headset which I used a lot to listen to podcasts on my Mac. My new iPhone is scheduled to arrive in the week of October 23. I needed another headset to bridge the two weeks waiting. Instead of buying the first and cheapest I could find, I thought well why not buy already the new EarPods and in this way I have an extra set just in case. I tried several stores in my neighbourhood but the EarPods were already all sold out. finally, I found them in a bigger phone store for € 29.

EarPods TM Apple iOS6 iPhone 5

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Try this solution when you cannot restore or upgrade your iPhone

Many people like me are selling their old iPhone before buying the new iPhone 5. I ordered mine a while ago and it’s expected to ship between October 23 - 29. In the mean while, I wanted to cleanup my current iPhone 4S to make it ready for sale.

My iPhone 4S is Jailbroken, not for illegal software, I’m a strong opposer of that. Stealing software kills the development and update incentives. I jailbroke it to use IntelliscreenX. Anyway, I went to the Reset option in the Settings menu and selected “Reset all Settings and Content” to clean out all my personal stuff. But because the Jailbreak changed the filesystem, this does not work and you see the spinning wheel forever.

No problem I thought, I will just reinstall (Restore) the 5.1.1 Firmware, the same version the iPhone 4S was running.

Restore and Upgrade errors and solutions, iOS6 iPhone 5

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Apple pulls 12 countries from Maps Turn-by-Turn Navigation - Siri misses target for Thailand

iOS 6 Maps are in the headlines almost every day now and Apple is doing their utmost to make it the best mapping product in the world, according to CEO Tim Cook’s statement on their corporate site. Today we posted about the good Turn-by-Turn experience Apple Maps has, compared to the competition and normal satnav devices.

In our extensive article “Read this before buying the iPhone 5” we have mapped out all the restrictions for iOS 6 for Maps and Siri, as well as the LTE coverage worldwide. Because I keep this article up-to-date, I check the restrictions page from Apple often to look for changes. Today I found that Apple has pulled 12 countries from the Maps app for the Turn-by-Turn navigation. Maybe this is one of the steps they took to put the quality bar higher for the end-user experience.

iOS6 Restrictions Maps Turn-by-Turn Navigation iPhone 5
Click here for full screen map
September View, Upcoming countries are marked red.

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iOS 6 Maps not perfect, but Turn-by-Turn Navigation Excellent

iPhone 5 Turn-by-Turn Navigation vs. Android vs. Automaker

This guy made the smart comparison between Apple iOS 6 maps, Android Maps and his GMC SatNav. He cruised around in the Chicago area a lot and compared the routing, speed and ability to recover. Guess what, the much plagued Apple Maps comes out top-notch.

iOS6 iPhone 5

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