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Gaze Stars even cooler with Star Walk 6.0

Vito Technology is proud to announce a major upgrade to its Star Walk app - the augmented reality app for spotting over 200,000 stars, planets, constellations, satellites and galaxies in the night sky. The new version has been released for Back to School season and includes amazing visual effects of sunset and sunrise, new Info for objects, stunning galleries of astronomy pictures from ESO and ESA, and easy sharing options.

Star Walk 6.0 iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Warning! Almost perfect iPhone 4S Clone discovered

iPhonetunes / Brussels

iPhone 3GS clone with stylus, check
iPhone 4 clone one, two, three and four, check
iPhone 4S clone, check

Over the years we have discovered several fake iPhones on the market. Most of them were bought in Asia by some of our traveling friends, others were sold in Spain. The models we had in our hands so far were fairly easy to recognise as counterfeit, they don’t have the same dimensions or weight or they have USB connectors instead of the typical Apple connector and even a stylus. Remember Steve Jobs Stylus quote during the iPhone OS 4 event?. Once the fake smartphones are fired up you notice immediately that the interface is not the same and the touch screens are far less responsive to slide and touch actions.

iPhone 4S Clone Fake

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Protect Apps from accessing your System Files - tsProtector PFB

tsProtector PFB 0.0.1b is an application still in beta phase that has already been launched in Cydia. This tweak will protect your important system files from applications in the App Store that attempt to access them. How? tsProtector PFB intercepts the File System access and will notify you with an alert when an application is trying to retrieve confidential information. The user can then decide whether to allow the app to access this information or to block access.

tsProjector PFB iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Interview with Twin Engine Labs founders Ken & Keith Hanson

Meet 26-year-old identical twin brothers, Ken and Keith Hanson. They are the founders of a cool iOS development shop called Twin Engine Labs, which launched this summer along with their first original gaming app, PentaKill.

Ken (the right brained creative) and Keith (the left brained engineer) do not run your stereotypical tech company and they’re unique in many ways:
- They do amazing, creative work for Fortune 500 companies (like Cisco and Cabot Cheese), entrepreneurs (like Academy Award winning Moonbot Studios), and creative
- They don’t live in a major market; instead their offices are based in Shreveport, Louisiana, a new hot hub for tech startups
- They know what’s hot with Apple fans and and, earlier this month, debuted PentaKill, a companion app for the popular League of Legends game.

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Invest in yourself with FitPal - Control Your Exercise Workouts

Biocom Technologies, a leader in innovative consumer biomedical products, has announced the release of FitPal. The new iPhone application helps users get their functional capacity and personalized recommendations on optimal and safe exercise intensity for each workout.

FitPal uses iPhone built-in camera with flashlight to monitor user pulse in resting position and during standup to calculate user’s functional capacity and optimal level of exercise intensity for today’s workout. This helps to ensure the greatest possible health benefits while significantly lowering and controlling risks of overtraining. At any time users can instantly check their pulse with FitPal to make sure they are staying within the recommended heart rate zone.

Fitpal iOS6 iPhone 4S

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$10.000 First Gen Sealed iPhone Reoffered on eBay

Brussels / iPhonetunes

I am sure that many of you know already the story about the First Gen iPhone that was still sealed in the original box and was offered on eBay for $10.000 (buy it now). Actually there were two on eBay around the same time. Just for fun I started following them to see what would be the ending bid.

One had a final bid of US $10.099,00 and is now reoffered, check it out here.

It has a minimum price now of $4000.

iPhone first gen sealed in box on ebay for $10.000 iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Intro Thing - Combine motion with freeze to make great intro videos

3909 LLC is pleased to announce the August 24th release of Intro Thing, a unique new video app that combines filmed motion, momentary freeze frames, and music to create slick character introduction videos. Using techniques seen in movies like “Snatch”, “The A-Team”, “Three Musketeers”, and more, Intro Thing generates stylish introduction sequences that can be easily edited, previewed, and shared with others directly from the iPhone.

into Thing iOS6 iPhone 4S

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Be part of the hip city guide creation with UNLIKE

Covering the ever-evolving topography of local coolness, Unlike pioneered the insider’s guide to a multitude of international destinations. Founded in 2008 in Berlin, it established itself with premium-quality editorial and comprehensive listings encompassing everything from high-end restaurants, to avant-garde architecture, and underground clubs.

After a period of hibernation, Unlike is back with a fully redesigned website, free mobile apps for iPhone and Windows Phone, and listings for a clutch of new cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Warsaw.

UNLIKE cool city guides iOS6 iPhone 4S

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BulkyPix all new iOS lineup for the coming months

Check out below the complete new line-up from the iOS software powerhouse BulkyPix. BulkyPix became well now in the iPhone Universe in 2010 with Saving Private Sheep and have over 100 iOS games in iTunes already. Below you can see the line-up for the coming Fall and Winter.

Soldier VS Aliens - September,13 - 2012

Soldier VS Aliens Bulkpix iOS6 iPhone 4S

In a distant future, mankind has colonized dozens of galaxies and is convinced it rules unopposed over outer space—that is, until far-out, intimidating space creatures are discovered who happen to be… hostile toward man!
Soldier Vs. Aliens, a brand-new shooter game developed by Bulkypix Studios, plunges you into the center of a merciless tug-of-war between a trigger-happy mercenary marine and aliens firmly determined to lay their eggs in the deepest recesses of space and feed…on YOU!

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Living Earth HD 2.0 - Enjoy earth’s beauty while it happens

Mobile developer radiantlabs announced today Living Earth HD 2.0, a major update to its highly acclaimed world clock and weather app for iOS devices. Living Earth HD 2.0 features a stunning 3D simulation of our planet with live cloud patterns, hurricanes, and tropical storms in addition to global weather forecasts, and world clock for millions of cities around the world. Named by The New York Times as a Top 10 iPad app for 2011, Living Earth HD 2.0 lets users visualize our planet in beautiful detail.

Living Earth HD 2.0 iOS6 iPhone 4S

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