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Cydia for the Apple WATCH

When the iPhone 1—aka Jesus phone—first came out in July 2007, there were only a few limited applications that could be used. No Software Development Kit (SDK) was available to the public, it was only for the internal developers at Apple with closed and semi undocumented Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Hey, the AppStore didn’t even exist at this time. It only took the community eleven days after the iPhone’s release, to come with the first jailbreak. Even eight months before the first iPhone OS 1.x SDK came out.

You may already know that the initial version of the Apple WATCH is some kind of Airplay functionality of an iPhone application, basically extensions of these iPhone apps in the form of Glances and Notifications. Glances are small snippets of data from the iPhone app that a user can browse on the WATCH. Notifications you understand already I suppose.

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Pre-order iRig 2 the ultimate guitar interface for €29.99

IK Multimedia just announce the sequel on their popular Guitar interface for iOS and Mac OS X. How do you enhance something so revolutionary that it altered the world? IKM’s answer: Just create the iRig 2.

In 2010, for the first time ever, the original iRig allowed guitar and bass players to plug into their iPhone and use their mobile device to play, practice and record with apps like IK’s AmpliTube, Apple’s GarageBand and thousands more.

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Gold price surging after new golden Apple WATCH & MacBook

March 9, the day that the price of gold has reached a new Jesus level sort of, the day that we will remember that the price of gold has never been so cheap. Everyone and his mother were shocked about the outrageous price of the Apple WATCH edition starting at $10,000. The next day I told my colleague what a great investment opportunity it was to buy it. According to my gut feeling, because Tim announced it was only sold in limited editions, the demand will be bigger than Apple can make so it will be *the* trend fashion statement for the (new)rich. And believe me, there are a lot of new millionaires only because of the App-store or other startups, the Snapchats of Silicon Valley.

Not only this, but now Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, HTC and what have you not, will come with golden wearables and laptops to follow the trend-leader.

Look at the price chart of Gold, if you had 1 Kilo or 2.2 Pounds you would have gained almost $1000 since the WATCH event (4 days ago).

Gold price surging since golden Apple WATCH Edition

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CES presented Pioneer NEX Receivers With CarPlay In Stores Now

Pioneer’s second generation Networked Entertainment eXperience or NEX receivers are now available for purchase. The goodies were revealed earlier at the CES 2015. There are five receivers to choose from, rolling from the production line.

The AVIC-8100NEX features Apple CarPlay, the smarter, safer and more fun way to use your iPhone in the car. Apple CarPlay gives iPhone users an incredibly intuitive way to make calls, use Maps, listen to music, and access messages with just a word or a touch.

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iPhone on a leash for Apple WATCH athletes - where is the GPS?

Sports people who like to monitor more than just the hart-rate and step count are bound to the iPhone, unfortunately. Apple didn’t build a GPS receiver in the WATCH, which is a missed opportunity. But hey, they have to reserve some features to present the next edition of course. On one hand many runners have already some kind of iPod/iPhone for music listening, so adding the WATCH is just a logical add-on.

On the other hand, you could also listen with a very small iPod nano and have a smart watch tracking your route via GPS. Maybe this is even more true for bikers who don’t listen music while racing.

Apple WATCH needs iPhone for GPS data

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New fancy Wireless camera from Netgear - Arlo Smart Home with HD nightvision

Security is becoming more important and also more accessible at the same time. The quality of WiFi cameras are rapidly improving like this one—the Arlo—from Netgear, which comes with night-vision combined with motion detection. They are charged with 4 batteries and according to the image quality profile you select they last longer. It comes along with a basestation which you can connect to your home-router via a network cable. The Arlo records and alerts only when motion is detected so the batteries are not unnecessarily drained. Combine that with an nice mobile application and you are in total control. The even throw in an 1GB free cloud storage.

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Apple WATCH redesign leaked before spring event

Apparently in the last minutes before the upcoming March 9 Spring Event, Apple has changed the final design of its much anticipated smart watch. According to the leaker which asked to remain anonymous, it only weights 35 grams (1,23 ounces) and has a LED display. You can select from 10 different colors, black till crazy purple. Not much more details are know yet except for the price, which is much lower than the anticipated $20,000 for the Edition, like mentioned by the famous Apple blogger John Gruber.

You can see the leaked images here.

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Will the Apple WATCH event be a new streaming fiasco?

Remember the last iPhone 6 event where Tim Cook spoke Chinese? Sort of, when the live event started I could only hear him talk dubbed in Chinese. Then the show stuttered and halted. I refreshed my browser but that made things worse, I guess halve the world was doing this too. Some Social Media Strategist at the company probably decided that Twitter integration in the event was a must to reach out to the younger generation, so they added some Java code for interactive tweet views. This apparently made the site un-cachable.

Their new Apple WATCH event will again be a live one and the landing page is already prepared: check it out yourself, you can add it to your calendar via here as well.

Apple WATCH event live streamed 9 March

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How to record Snapchat video on OS X in 7 easy steps

Snapchat is a fantastic medium because, why keep all the stupid and funny videos we make forever? It is a bit like real life, when is has happened it is history, and sometimes it better stays this way. Now for the new SnapChatters among us, do not really trust that your videos will be gone forever because there are many ways that the recipient can record what you just snapped.

Here we will go over the 7 simple steps to record SnapsChats for those people around who are fortunate Mac users.

don't get caught on snapchat anyone can record it even in OS X Mac OS

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Find stores around you which accept Apple Pay

In a few years this app will be totally useless if we may believe the latest BI stats on the growth of mobile payments towards 2019, we are making over 800 billion in value of transaction that year. But hey for now it can be an adventure to find a store which accepts the new smooth iPhone 6 (Plus) experience. Vince Davis had the idea to create a merchant finder for Apple Pay and just released it. It does much more then finding merchants for example it also lets you know when your bank is finally seeing the light and supports Apple Pay amongst other features.

Apple Pay finder for iOS

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