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HelpAround taps into HealthKit Data

The creator of the popular Diabetes Helpers peer-to-peer support network, today announced the launch of Alert: the first health app to act in real-time on incoming Apple HealthKit data. When used on an Apple iOS device and granted access to HealthKit’s blood glucose data, Alert immediately notifies the user to send an alert when an incoming glucose reading is outside of a predefined range.

Additionally, Alert lets users with any chronic condition caught in physical or emotional distress to manually alert and conference-in their most trusted contacts, so as to troubleshoot the situation together.

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Remind me at a location on my Apple Watch

Created by a father who never wanted to forget his child’s daycare door code again, the RemindMeAt app takes remembering to a whole new level. Known as “digital stickies” for a smartphone, the app lets users create a reminder note and tie it to a location. When they arrive, it sends them a note to remind them of things like shopping lists, door codes and the like. Enjoying a recent update, the reminder app now not only sends a widget to an iPhone it’ll send a glance to an Apple Watch. It’ll also share information across several addresses making keeping in touch with friends and co-workers the simplest thing ever. Leave it to technology to take the worry out of remembering.

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888casino NJ : Real money casino games, Blackjack and Jackpot Slots

Are you still using your Pc to set your games? There is nothing wrong with it but you can actually have much more if you decide to go mobile, install the 888casino games online app in your smart device today and enjoy uncomplicated and easy casino games. The app 888casino is simply brilliant, it makes casino games simple for anyone. Even the new players are sure to find this app absolutely easy. The interesting tools and features of this app have made it one of the quickest growing betting apps.

This app enables the user to place games through simple tap gesture. It is indeed quick, and slick. Users can enjoy free streaming through this app on an array of events. The app is multi games, which means you can play on more that just one game, such as casino games, Blackjack and Jackpot Slots from this single app. With this application you can play and have fun any time you have some free time. 

The app offers different types of games but the most sought after are the Slots. 888casino is optimized for iOS 8.0 for smooth running. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad and is optimized for iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus.

The application has made casino games on the go and simple now you can actually enjoy any game though your fingertips.

No bad reports about the application have been reported yet.
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Z-Wave kicks in 5th gear with their IoT products

According to a new Markets and Markets report, the smart home industry is estimated to reach $58.68 billion by 2020. Segments such as security and smart locks are driving the smart home market currently and with over 90% penetration in this segment, the Z-Wave Alliance continues to grow the Z-Wave smart home ecosystem for consumers and manufacturers, alike.

With a record-breaking Z-Wave quarter, Sigma Designs announced that 40M Z-Wave IoT devices have shipped at the close of Q1 2015. With more manufacturers, integrators, installers and service providers turning to Z-Wave, Z-Wave Alliance membership has grown by 30% over the same period last year, resulting in the addition of more than 75 new full members to the organisation’s roster.

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Control your house with the new Caste Smart Bridge from Prong

Prong is the electronics company behind the PWR Case, a cutting-edge iPhone charger case that offers “no cords necessary” charging capabilities. The PWR’s cordless design is making conventional iPhone chargers obsolete, and with a detachable backup battery, the PWR Case has quickly grown into one of the world’s most in-demand iPhone accessories.

According to Prong, new iPhone apps are saving homeowners thousands in yearly electricity bills. While there are several applications for home lighting control, the recent update to the Casta Wireless Smart Bridge has budget-minded property owners raving.

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Two factor authentication via Keeper DNA and your Apple Watch

Keeper DNA uses a person’s connected objects and IoT devices to create a unique “Keeper DNA Profile” for that user’s identity. It can be thought of similar to DNA in the human body; a unique “strand” of molecules (in this case, unique devices and physical factors) that define and identify a person. With Keeper DNA, users no longer have to manually enter numeric two-factor codes on their devices to access Keeper.

Keeper DNA is launching this breakthrough solution on Apple Watch. Users simply register their Apple Watch as part of their Keeper DNA profile and with one touch, verify their identity for fast, secure access to their Keeper vault on all their iOS devices including iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch® and Mac computers.

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Habla Español? Learn it with Easy Ten for the Apple Watch

Easy Ten reinvents language learning with new Apple Watch App: the ability to learn ten foreign words per day without using your iPhone! During the day, users will receive “push” notifications with ten un-translated foreign words. To check if they have memorized words they have to take a short quiz and pick the correct translation. Learning ten foreign words a day is now as easy as checking the time. We like to call this “learning on the go.”

It doesn’t matter where the wearer is located or what their activities are: sports, meetings, lunch in a restaurant, driving a car – Apple Watch is with them at all times. For example, Easy Ten lets anyone combine a 15-minute morning run with learning a foreign language. Over a year, an Easy Ten user can learn 3000 words from seven foreign languages – enough for entry level communication. Now you can learn a foreign language anywhere, anytime, without the iPhone via Apple Watch.

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Apple’s IoTs - get your house heated with Ecobee3 HomeKit Thermostat

Ecobee announces HomeKit-enabled ecobee3 as the world’s first smart thermostat to support Apple HomeKit. HomeKit makes it easy to come across, group, and command Apple HomeKit-enabled accessories in your place. You can additionally control your HomeKit-enabled ecobee3 using Siri on your iDevices.

HomeKit-enabled ecobee3 becomes available for merely $249 when it goes on sale on July 7, with pre-orders starting on June 23rd.

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Momentum - The Jerry Seinfeld’s Principle Watch App

Momentum for Apple Watch includes everything you need (and nothing more) to keep you motivated, on track, and accomplishing your goals. Based on Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret
«Don’t Break the Chain» is dead simple, yet highly effective — For every day you complete a habit, the longer your chain grows, and the less likely you are to quit. The daily overview shows all habits due today. The progress bar on top tells you how far you’ve come. Complete or skip habits with swipe gestures. Double-tap to add notes.

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Beautifully crafted Rosewood Hand Grip for Ztylus Camera Case

The Rosewood Hand Grip made for the iPhone 6 Ztylus case will offer you a solid hold when making pictures.  Your iPhone 6 will be easier to hold with more firmness.

By adding the Rosewood Hand Grip, you can mount the phone directly to a ¼ 20 inch tripod mount.  You will be able to take your phone anywhere and make amazing time-lapse videos and avoid shaky video in any condition.

The ergonomic design of the Rosewood Hand Grip was constructed to allow for a firm grip while holding your phone.  It gives your phone 6 a very comfortable feel when holding your phone with one or two hands.

tripod ready wooden grip camera case

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