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iPhone 5S & iOS7- World’s first 64-bit smartphone marriage?

Apple has outdone them selfs again yesterday by presenting the first full 64-bit smartphone in the world. Next to that, the overhauled iOS7 has also received double bits. Phil Schiller even made the bold statement in yesterdays’ keynote; “I don’t think the other guys are even talking about it yet”.

The new A7 SoC is fully 64-bit, the iOS7 kernel is also 64-bit and so are the libraries and drivers. Of course it remains 32-bit backwards compatible so the developers don’t have to rewrite all their apps but they are welcome to update if they want.

64-bit means that the A7 has eight octets of data-path widths, integer size, and memory addresses. These processors are not so new as you might think, in 1961 IBM’s super computers already was 64-bit while on the Operating System market we had to wait until 1985 for Cray’s UNICOS 64-bit OS. 64-bit hardware works best with 64-bit software but is still backwards compatible to 32-bit. The bold statement of Phil, made me want to dig a little deeper and see what the competition is doing and if his statement holds true.

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